Wig Review…Megon from Black Pearl (Janet Collection)

Hi Lovelies..here’s my review of Megon..from the Black Pearl line of the Janet Collection Synthetic Curly full wig Manufactured by Janet Collection- Black pearl hair wig. Has adjustable straps and hooks for secure fit. One size fits all. currently .99 I am an affiliate with hair stop and shop All opinions expressed are my own..and honest This wig is available at hairstopand shop www.hairstopandshop.com www.hairstopandshop.com Here are the earrings: www.hairstopandshop.com Check out the store when you have a moment…all of the jewelry is available here: www.hairstopandshop.com follow me on twitter: my twitter: twitter.com follow me on my blog: lovekisses99.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. calistyle2011 says:

    Cute !! They have $17 half wigs at doyoubooshop(.)com. Have you tried those half wigs?

  2. PrettyMeanGumbo says:

    Very cute style!

  3. pattycakez23100 says:

    this wig didnt fit my head………………..

  4. marilynphan says:

    Love your reviews!

  5. kankykinks says:

    it looks nice on you. i bought this. it wasn’t for me. the one i received didn’t look like hair :(

  6. dasangelusmortem says:

    My name is Megan, and my natural hair looks like that, only frizzy. xD

  7. toni708 says:

    I have this one….<3..looks cute on you!

  8. martaajoku1 says:

    where i really want it

  9. Savymom4u says:

    Girl! You are Known. Hairstopandshop should pay you,cause they are still sold out of Megon. I have found her at another online store. Thank you tho. (I really think your show has a professional flare about it. ) Keep doing whatcha doing girl!!!

  10. cloveme10 says:

    This wig is still sold out! Do you have any inside info as to when they will have some other units available?

  11. bettytoo2 says:


  12. virtuouswoman908 says:

    I’m so glad that it didn’t look like the picture on the model! I’m thinking about ordering this one next. Thanks for the video!

  13. toni708 says:

    I just ordered this wig…can’t wait to get it….thanks great vid!

  14. Nu2makeup1 says:

    Very cute!!

  15. aaaziful says:

    @lovekisses99 oh sorry :) i was just kiddin :) i do loooooove your videos so much… you, april and ateya are my fav :)

    and i am a 17 young GUY from austria, so you have fans in austria tooooo :)

  16. anpvk7 says:

    this is super cute!

  17. MzLewisBeauty says:


  18. ladywallace5 says:

    i love this wig on you, that’s what i’m going for the big curls

  19. mediaagent says:

    OK, I’m transitioning and I will be buying this wig, cause I like big hair! And when I was relaxed, my hair was thick, so no one will really know! lol!

  20. ghameurn says:

    thanks for ALWAYS either asking if we had a good day or just saying it. That means so much to me. I am intrigued by your vidstoo..been watching for the past hour!!! lol. I have a lot of hair and have been on the “natural hair” band wagon. But looking to ramp up my protective styles. Love the wigs and I think you are doing a fab job!! cant wait to see some more…

  21. Pianopraiser says:

    Love her.

  22. bluspring says:

    very cute

  23. Paulann7326 says:

    I’m glad you did this, I didn’t like the picture on the package and didn’t buy. You just sold another wig. Thanks!

  24. katykate247 says:

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! I’m trying to slow down on my wig purchases and you’re not helping!  ;o) Take care!!!

  25. MichelleDenise64 says:

    This is a really nice one honey. It’s close to the style I’ve been wearing since January, I get compliments on it all the time. I may add this one to my collection. Thanks hun.

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