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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. snowflake202 says:

    so after you braided past the natural hair was the hair knotted to keep from unraveling?

  2. visweetaddie says:

    i enjoy how u braid

  3. djsmith37z says:

    Next time it would be nice to see the front of the hairstyle
    The back is beautiful!!

  4. VaniaSantacatarina says:

    LOVELY! So much!

  5. ilovepinknmille says:

    can u do senegalese twist on short hair plzzzz ?

  6. otonscute says:

    pls whats the name of the extensions u used?

  7. otonscute says:

    was that a cut out weave or single hair extensions? this looks so great! nice job. please respond.

  8. yolandajosephsmith says:

    ummm I guess?

  9. yolandajosephsmith says:

    no it doesn’t I have medium length hair and it worked out fine for me..

  10. iheartreborns1 says:

    Does your hair have to be short to get this?

  11. younggurlkel says:

    Wow! Shes bold!

  12. LadyYachneCreations says:

    Will you do a tutorial on how to tie knot the ends on miro braids

  13. 22000princess says:

    do you have a tutorial on tree braid plaits?

  14. karaiskara says:

    Hello, Just wondering where are you guys located?

  15. Cookieful97 says:

    Supergrows is a good shop to buy products from really cheap & this video is really good ‘subscribed’

  16. babychick53ify says:

    Do the curls go really quickly?
    It was a curious question because I’m doing this hairstyle tommorow!

  17. babychick53ify says:

    I really liked this hairstyle and on Friday I’m doing this hairstyle I just really loved and enjoyed this!

  18. fgglenn says:

    I am in love with your hair!!!! How did you get the style?

  19. TheGorgess1 says:

    you are Nigerian! yes or yes? lol

  20. roastycakes says:

    Can you do this style on long natural hair?

  21. RemzDot says:

    i luv this wear do u get the hair from

  22. worldofbraiding says:

    Thanks for yours. Please email us for a link to our sister company web site where we stock the products

  23. worldofbraiding says:

    Yes you can but it no longer becomes what people call pick’n'drop style.  The other option is the Tree Braid plaits. They are better for longer natural hair.

  24. worldofbraiding says:

    I take a small strand of the extensions and wrap round the full strand of hair. Open us the small strand and wrap into each other twice and this seals it completely. cheers and hope this helps otherwise keep watching other videos on my site and you will see how it is done.

  25. worldofbraiding says:

    About 6 hours for pick’n'drop as you save time not finishing the braids. Keep braiding as the more you braid, you get faster. I also advise my students not to worry too much about time as long as the braids look nice. cheers for watching and staying in touch.

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