TOMSKOU.DK #4 Short Haircut Short Sexy Tom Skou Cut’s a Short 80′ inspired haircut my wish is to inspirer the Hairdressing business and our customer’s

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  1. ZainaDancer says:

    Beautiful cut! AMAZING technique! Your model was lovely before, but you took 20 years off her with that cut. Magnificent! Perfect example of how lovely women look with short hair! Thank you.

  2. peyday373 says:

    I could watch you cut hair all day long! I LOVE watching your hands move so graciously and with consistent but gentle force and purpose. It’s like watching the ocean. truly beautiful!

  3. TheRyan0088 says:

    will you give me a buzz cut? looking for a barber. I would like a 2 on top and a 1 on the sides and back

  4. brinker806 says:

    great cut i love it on her

  5. MsKandyLpz says:

    AWSOME!…wish i had the face shape for this HCT!

  6. Steviej148 says:

    1980`s or present day? This fab cut fits both. Love it and how stunning does model look with her short haircut compared to with that straggly bob she had before.Awesome cut and colour.

  7. ChirpingLlama says:

    I think it would look really good un-sprayed. I love the shortness but an un-gelled/sprayed look would be even prettier.

  8. mopsy3568 says:

    Wow incredible

  9. momtram says:

    What a sexy haircut!!

  10. skibum7986 says:

    so sexy !! so short !!

  11. 00830858 says:

    amazed !!!!

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