The So-Called “Effortless” Puff for Short Natural Hair & Thin Edges | GodCallsMeBeloved

WATCH IN HD The So-Called “Effortless” Puff for Short Natural Hair & Thin Edges | GodCallsMeBeloved I am 7 months post big chop. I transitioned for 3.5 month…
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  1. Khrystal Asiedu says:

    so beautiful :) 

  2. Erica Mueller says:


  3. Romanetta Brown says:

    Best high puff tutorial thx

  4. msmonaco426 says:

    Your hair is cute, but your eyebrows are bomb!

  5. Cedra Strickland says:

    Thanks for the share I’ve only been natural since April and been wondering
    how to do this bun I usually use a rubberband but it doesn’t leave much
    hair to form the bun with so I love the way your bun looks so full . I will
    definitely try the knee hi nylon! Thanks again

  6. Tennitra Newsome says:

    Terrific video. Love the puff

  7. tlnicholas says:

    Your brows are everything

  8. Tatenda Bvumbe says:

    Thanks for posting , Good bye to wigs and Weaves Yeah!

  9. Aduke Webb says:

    Nice video but you can also use a shoe string. It hides better so u don’t
    have to pin your hair to hide it 

  10. Loving LegacyBooks says:

    Beautiful…you made it look very effortless.

  11. Christgirl12 says:

    Awesome vid! Can’t wait to try this out

  12. bubanner says:

    Wow great look as u popped in the camera…..a lil gel would really smooth
    out ur hair n baby hair too….cute

  13. Linda Walton-Robinson says:

    That’s very cute! I’ve been thinking of something to do with my hair after
    these twisties come out. Thanks!

  14. kimberly douglas says:

    i love this video and those eyebrows hunty (:

  15. Amber Vann says:

    what music did you use in this video

  16. Tiffani Archie says:

    You have gotten me through my TWA, thanks, your the

  17. Linda De La Cruz says:

    great vid and you rocked this style!

  18. tequilashots875 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I have thin edges also. I’m going to try this!!!

  19. canaryvsimm says:

    You dont understand how grateful I am that you did this. You’re the first
    I’ve seen like myself have thin edges AND not use a brush. THANK YOU!

  20. Valerie Smith says:

    Thanks for this Hair do. I have thin edges and TRUELY want to wear my
    natural Hair of 15+ years. ,’ ~.}> 

  21. Arabia S says:

    thank you for this my hair is the same length and my edges look JUST like
    yours! I needed new hair do I almost got lost I was so bored with the same
    wash in go thanks

  22. Sade Chambers says:

    I am 13 yrs old and luv u videos and u r so pretty

  23. Erika Washington-Davis says:

    Cutest natural style for my daughter and I! Love this look, even before she
    pulled it tighter into the ponytail it was cute too! Love this!

  24. Tolani Olabode says:

    Wow, you definitely give me hope with my hair lol My edges are barely
    existent :( But I love this video and you’re so beautiful. The glory of God
    shines through you so much! Are you Nigerian? 

  25. Erika Washington-Davis says:

    I absolutely love this style, will be doing to my natural hair and my
    daughter’s natural hair! Thank you and I love how you incorporated that
    knee high(stocking), I forgot that I use to use things like that back in my
    day to create different styles! Thanks again and God bless you as well!

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