The Perfect Halo Braid for Short Hair | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials

There is the perfect braid for every hair type. To prove it, Riawna Capri, co-owner of the 901 Salon in West Hollywood, CA, will show us how to do the halo b…

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  1. Alejandra Lopez says:

    I Know I Could Do This But On Someone Else, I Wish I Could Do This On

  2. Erin P says:

    I don’t understand what type of french braid is being done. Is it a normal
    french braid? It looks different

  3. allyreadsbooks says:

    uurrghh i wish i could do this but i have curly short hair :(
    (like rlly curly)

  4. Coralys Marie says:

    What is my hair is short with layers :/ 

  5. Lucky Anfrews says:

    mine never shows up:(

  6. peaches2642 says:

    i want to do this for school

  7. Jennifer Medina says:
  8. NewBeauty Magazine says:

    Get the perfect halo #braid for short hair w/this tutorial by Nine Zero One
    Salon in #LA !

  9. Faith Cooper says:

    So happy to try

  10. Linda Anderson says:

    Thank you for a very easy to follow and doable tutorial!! I can’t wait to
    try this!

  11. Alyssa Elmore says:

    i love this thank you so much this helps

  12. Preeti Sindhi says:

    Too good

  13. Ivette Rodriguez says:

    This is an awesome video

  14. Ethel marie Woodford says:

    so pretty am going to try it

  15. Kelsey's Mobile Hair Salon says:

    I love hair tutorials and learning new do’s.

    Look at this awesome video on how to do the perfect halo braid!

    Call to schedule an appointment today!

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  16. Preeti Sindhi says:

    Too good

  17. Janeen Utley says:

    I Love These 

  18. RheDahlia says:

    love it! i have been searching for cute hairstyles. mines the modelslength.
    most tutorials consider shoulder length hair “short”. Thanks!

  19. emy key says:

    very nice ! ;) 

  20. Kathleen Woodruff says:


  21. Vanessa Covarrubias says:

    I love this!

  22. Lamia Cavalli says:


  23. Lesley1000 says:

    I find it impossible to do this myself, unfortunately. Is Anna a beauty
    journalist or model? She could certainly be a model, she is so naturally

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