Rihanna! Styled Hair Tutorial With Blond (adding a track to short hair)

www.flatironexperts.com KQC flat iron Love this flat iron ! Here is a video on how I add the blond to my hair Products used: Salon Pro hair bond glue also use the oil glue remover or veg. oil to remove Hair: Milky way Fab 8 Series Cinderella Color: p4/27/30 I really like this look because it can totally change your short look, and its super easy. To this look it usually takes me about 15-20 min and it can last about 2weeks. I may have to touch up and curl the bits of my own hair like once. But I hope ya’ll like it and I’ll see ya’ll soon.
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  1. YourFashionWiz says:

    Such a petty girl with great hair tutorials !

  2. fgs317 says:

    This is cute and you remind me of SALT. From the girl group.

  3. mizz0309babbs says:


  4. MissHancock84 says:

    Love your make-up!

  5. aah0906 says:

    like i cant use a curling iron either. the flat iron is so much easier! love it

  6. larissasexylady08 says:

    ur pretty ma

  7. lipsgloss00 says:

    love it im finna try it now

  8. mrstuttle09 says:

    i like the look thanks for the idea

  9. tieshaglover says:

    OMG this came out so nice, it really looks good on you

  10. PreCi0uSsS says:

    @SavannahAnnaBanana wrap it with a bonnet and at night

  11. PreCi0uSsS says:

    @muffinbabi01 no I don’t really flat iron it for a week after ding this style 

  12. PreCi0uSsS says:

    @muffinbabi01 mizani

  13. LlyricalMusik says:

    i love the hair and how you kept saying mkay lol

  14. PreCi0uSsS says:

    @mzyuhaten4 I usually take a bobby pin and pin them up

  15. mzyuhaten4 says:

    that was super informative……and u are AMAZING!!! LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. QUESTION: what the heck to i do with lace front ear flaps…..they rub on my ears and hurts….can i cut them? (Note, hair will be cut if i do cut them, so do u have a trick??)

  16. richboo83 says:

    nice i am going to try this but with the ultra twin pieces thanx

  17. 4EVABLESSED7 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  18. FaBFaCeZ says:

    This is such a good video!…Im always look n for new ways to where my short cut! Thanx

  19. mslaw2004 says:

    love this!!! makeup is awesome!!!!! so pretty!!

  20. sarahfekumo says:

    u did a very good job, nice one and hope to try the hair style too

  21. bubblicious406 says:


  22. TIERRAchilds says:

    love it + ur natural hair is soo healthy mine would never just lay down like that lolz…but nice tutorial though =)

  23. SavannahAnnaBanana says:

    nvm watched the vid again and heard lol :P

  24. SavannahAnnaBanana says:

    wat do u put in ur hair? like to protect it?

  25. jammian27 says:


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