Rihanna/ Megan Good Short Haircut Tutorial

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  1. Brinicole says:


  2. MsxOhSoFly says:

    looks GREAT!….i want 2 get my hair done like this but how many weeks does
    the glue last?

  3. Brinicole says:

    lol girl thats my issue…I need a hair cut but i hvae no idea who to go to
    or what I really want!

  4. KinkyKenzie29 says:

    beautiful.. im thinking about cutting my hair .. but i don’t know where or
    how to start. if i should do it myself . or go to a salon. should i go to a
    guy salon or a guy and girl salon ugh!!

  5. mrskyepanda says:


  6. Brinicole says:

    about 2 weeks

  7. Brinicole says:


  8. CreativeDiva12 says:

    you did a great job as always

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