Natural Hair Style Tutorial – Braidout on Short Natural Hair

This video shows the process I used to complete my braidout. I used cantu shea butter and cornrowed my hair. After 3 days, I rebraided my dry hair with regular African shea butter. The results the second time turned out fuller, so I liked it better. Please Rate, Comment, and Subscribe if this video was helpful or to just support. Thanks!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Crushing1352 says:

    you look beautiful

  2. 11rainyday says:

    i love zouk music! XD

  3. willcyn2000 says:

    Love it.

  4. ashley10117young says:

    you don’t make natural hairstyles anymore! : (

  5. zheahra says:

    You’re so pretty. Love the results and the song.


    Love da hair and da haitian song

  7. cashcarvalho says:


  8. mistikalnawe says:

    this is awesome :) thnx for the upload!

  9. tw881000 says:

    Super Cute.

  10. Spunkie21Videa says:

    I love the hair and song lol

  11. itzclo says:

    @diamondsofpink its a style of Haitian Music

  12. samiyahstuff says:


  13. InHinesSight says:

    I know this video is old but I’m curious how many months natural were you in this video?? your hair has really grown now!

  14. marcedesful says:

    i like dis wat tyep of stuff did u us

  15. ysimon12 says:

    love the song!!

  16. MissP31114 says:


  17. msemzy1987 says:

    I can’t cornrow…HELP!!

  18. TheOnefaida says:

    Dang! Soooo cute! I just can’t cornrow!

  19. NaturalHairBree says:

    PPPLLLZZZ………. Check Out My Channel On How To Grow Long NaturalHair!!!!!

  20. tylynja says:

    Love this! I’m going to try it. Gonna have to modify it because I can’t corn row ! Tried something similar a few weeks ago and I was a hot mess! Hair was all over my head!

  21. BlackBronzedBeauty says:

    this was VERY helpful…in the most simplest way :)

  22. shanaluver16 says:

    How long did you leave it in the 2nd time?

  23. xxash010xx says:

    her hair grow sooo much

  24. bobbymonique says:

    thanks i am now about to try it!

  25. AnnNoire says:

    I wish I knew how to cornrow well.

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