Natural Hair | Goddess Twist Style Tutorial

Tutorial on this super duper simple twisted natural style. How I stretch my hair: Royalty free music: “Picture This” by FB f/ Christox

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  1. K Ware says:

    I’ve been wearing my hair like this for the last few weeks and it is a great protective style especially during the winter months.

  2. nonfictions says:

    I love this tutorial! It’s simple and a great protective style. I’ll have to try it out :)

  3. BeautifulPinkLipz says:

    Beautiful hair and your makeup is FAB!!!!! :-D <3 it!

  4. FLYESTBIRD says:

    love the necklace

  5. burrelsandra says:

    Hi something similar to this with extra braid hair costs $40 at the African salon I get my hair done at. Thanks for the tutorial will def try it :0) :0)

  6. Dionna Hilton says:

    Nice video it was very helpful :)

  7. ddaqueen says:

    U r freakin gorgeous! Love ur makeup and ur hairstyle looks gr8 on u. Thanks 4 this and I’m gonna try this with my natural hair. Hope it looks just as good on me too, lol

  8. yankytank09 says:

    i love how the twist trace your ears instead of just a plain straight twist!!

  9. quifree03 says:

    So cute

  10. MizClaudine06 says:

    I love this hair style. Also one of my favorites

  11. rayraybadd124 says:

    this is a neat hair style but idk if i cn do it how do u do this d u twist it under…i might try it

  12. MUA Krys says:

    Love this, I actually did this yesterday before heading to the gym, and some complimented me on it, and I didn’t realize it was a style so I youtubed it and here you are! My girl Kim! Showing us how it’s done lol, -3

  13. Mia Octavia says:

    You have the most helpful tips on youtube. At first I was so tempted to put a perm back in my hair because I didnt know what to do with this natural but now… because of you I love it!!! Thank you!!!!

  14. backsyncfan says:


  15. JaddBerry says:

    This is so cute OMG!! I have some work to do. Idk how to braid at all I’m in trouble!! Now this flat twisting geez. Guess I’ll have to start.

  16. Isabelle D says:

    I’m 13 years old and looking for some cute styles I could wear to school. I absolutely love this one but do you think it would still look good if i did braids instead of a flat twist (I’m asking this because I cant flat twist for my life lol XD)
    Thanks :)

  17. Noreen Joseph says:

    Cute……but i dont think i can rock it like you can !!!

  18. backsyncfan says:

    thx for the compliment hun!

  19. ashtaylor2012 says:

    Ah so cute! I recently started going natural and I love your videos! And you’re so gorgeous too (:

  20. KittySwrive says:

    ~~~ BEAUTIFUL :-)

  21. 10justlove says:

    This is sooo cute definitely gonna try this…and ur make up looks beautiful

  22. kikibabiidoll says:

    I love your Vids… you get straight to the point!!

  23. dwoollery says:

    Love!! Ur ideas help me tremendously! Thank u!!

  24. backsyncfan says:

    i have a hair stretching tutorial. i updated the description box with the link

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