As of June 14, 2014, I big chopped after almost 10 months of transitioning. That’s right – I’m officially natural! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to follow me on my natural hair journey!!! ☂ P.S….
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  1. VeggieMuffin(Erika) says:

    Looks great short!!

  2. Natural Queenz says:

    congratulations you did it and it looks beautiful!!

  3. Jada Halliburton says:

    Omg I’m so happy for you! Welcome to #teamnaturalhair ! :) Your hair is so

  4. Miesha Cyprien says:

    Congrats!!! your hair looks so thick!

  5. iMadameJay says:

    Yayyy! Congrats!!

  6. Onya Russell says:

    Love it! I was worried about the same SUB BACK PLEASE. check out
    my big chop journey :) 

  7. twistygiggles says:

    Rachael, it looks SO DAMN GOOD! This is actually the most adorable haircut
    ever. It looks so fluffy and healthy.

  8. Ahfro Baang says:


  9. Naturally Frotastic says:

    oh my gosh girll you did it!!! Congrats

  10. CreationsbyMe says:

    Big step. I like it.

  11. OctoberReign says:


  12. undrmyumbrellaa says:

    I BIG CHOPPED. My hair hasn’t been this short in 6 years (high school). I
    hope you all enjoy!

  13. MakeupYourHart says:

    I’m subscribed! 

  14. Naturallyorz says:

    Congrats on your big chop!!! New subbie from Natural Queens

  15. ThisandThat says:

    great video..check this out if you need more subbies Free promotion for
    beauty channels 2014!

  16. napturally kia says:

    congrats! you look beautiful 

  17. Angelica Di Guglielmo MUA says:

    Stumbled upon your channel and I noticed you’re a newer Youtuber like me so
    I just thought I’d show some support and subscribe! I’d love if you could
    check out my channel, too!

  18. MakeupYourHart says:

    I love it! I hope you check out mine & subscribe too! 

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