Man Bun – Top Knot Tutorial | Mens hairstyle tutorial | Mens Hair 2014

Whats up everyone, I finally got around to making that man bun tutorial for you all :) Hope you enjoy it! Music in the description here! Go support the artis…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. easyNeon says:

    why Mens? this is from the category “Hairstyle i would love to have” lol

  2. TheGentlemansCove says:

    Want to look like a samurai? Or just have a cool trendy new hairstyle for
    days you dont want to do your hair? Throw it up in a bun :) Hope you enjoy!

  3. Leonardo Salles says:


  4. Emre Y says:

    2 questions: – did any hair strands fall off during the moisturizing
    process (2:05) and when tying your hair?(2:40)
    – I read that it’s bad to moisturize your hair and then
    tie it up, since your hair is more fragile when it’s damp/wet, which makes
    it prone to strands falling off

  5. Shawn Hunter says:

    Man it would take like two years to grow your bangs that long

  6. simon hill says:

    Hey man, was just wondering, how long did it take for your hair to grow
    that length? I hope you have the time to answer this

  7. alexmania1998 says:

    Do women even like this? -_-

  8. ESCPOP says:

    If you do this hairstyle it looks great ! If I do this hairstyle I look
    like an idiot (and my hair are 16-17cm long and everything is the same) -.-

  9. Bandy Ahmed says:

    Off topic question but what kind of product would think would be best to
    have the best skin and get rid of the acnes and black heads and heal skins.

  10. Lizz Luevano says:

    What’s the name of this song? :o I need this song in my life lol

  11. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    Hey bro, quick question on growing your hair out. So when you’re growing
    out the top do you just not let your barber touch it when you go and get
    your haircut, or do you have them thin out the top so it doesn’t take away
    any length? Please get back to me. much appreciated!

  12. markieezsn145 says:

    How do you style your hair when not in a man bun?

  13. Rolo says:

    Oh my god it took you 8-9 mouths to grow it that long

  14. iamRolz says:

    I’m pretty sure you pronounce “scheme” – skeeem, not sheeem. 

  15. Taurex says:

    You have nice hair, but the sides are too long for this hairstyle IMO. I
    think 3 or 6 mm would look awesome! 

  16. Joseph K says:

    I’m going for my first haircut in a year next week
    Any idea what I say to my stylist to get this specific haircut?

  17. WTiDeadlyfury says:

    How to get your hair like this long and side short 

  18. Anas Rdgs. Chbika says:

    Since u have a lot of subscribers , u don’t answer our question , this is
    not fair Jordan , this not fair Jordan , u have to be like u were in the
    past .

  19. Gabriel Perez says:

    How old are you JORDAN?

  20. SammieBlue123 says:

    Lmao i dont subscribe to these kind of channels, but this dudes hair is so
    perfect that I had to hahahaha no homo but your hair is godly bro. Lol yo,
    out of curiosity, how tall are you?
    Peace ! 

  21. Raul Taylor says:

    Nice tutorial, Jordan… wish you’d keep the sides tighter though.
    Back when I was rockig this style around 2009 or so, I kept trimming the
    sides and back of my head to either 0 or 1 every 2-3 weeks. Took some
    effort, but after a while you learn to do it yourself and it becomes second
    nature :)

    Looks kinda funky with the sides so long neard the separation line, but
    that is just personal taste :) 

  22. MitchyWells says:

    this guy has the best fucking hair that ever existed hot damn

  23. daniel smith says:

    You’re rock’n a beard. Cool dude..

  24. Grant Russell says:

    Is all your hair on the top all the same length ?

  25. MasterCurry69 says:

    so with this haircut what if i don’t want to tie it into a top bun most
    days, what if i just kept it slicked back, would that still work and look

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