How to: cut hair at home do a Short Stacked Chin length BOB HAIRCUT with Bangs layers Tutorial

How to Cut Layers In Hair Video: Please Thumbs Up if this was helpful in anyway. Thanks for watching! … How to: my secret texturizi…
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  1. Regal Hair says:

    Stunning! This model looks absolutely gorgeous in this shorter bob style!

  2. Clari Ortiz says:

    I love it! I so want this style, but it’s so hard to find someone that
    knows how to do it… Love your work…

  3. Margarite MyHairStyleMagazine says:

    how to do a katie holmes chin length bob haircut at home

  4. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    thanks russ !

  5. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    =D thanks! :)

  6. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    thanks so much :)

  7. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    Thanks I love the straight style too :)

  8. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    haha! Thanks for the encouragement your support means alot justin, thanks ! :)

  9. SNLstar says:

    When I seen the title I thought you were cutting a guys hair to look like
    Sponge Bob square pants:( But seriously though keep up the great work!

  10. mistykitty19 says:

    :) cute!

  11. joe p says:

    Love the straight style, you look sooooo HOT.

  12. dalila da says:

    very nice !!!

  13. Gabriella Esteves says:

    Great video : ) I cut my own hair, but i find it very hard to do the bob
    haircut by myself…

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