How I Maintain My Short Hair

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  1. Arry Amor says:

    can you make a tutorial please!

  2. Kyeisha Smith says:

    your hair is cute did you do that

  3. Najja Hogg says:

    I love your hair I wanna go short for my birthday but I know I would need
    to add a piece to the top can you do a video of how you take out and add
    tracks to the bang

  4. ADfferentWorld says:

    Would love a tutorial. My hair is cut exactly like this only back is
    longer. Im definitely subbing :)

  5. MackMel90 says:

    Thank You!!! :)

  6. Bre Dmckee says:

    Thanks I just cut my hair but its way shorter than yours

  7. Tiana93 says:

    Tutorial please

  8. Tai Gardeline says:

    Love the video. Thankss

  9. Tailor gang says:

    tip don’t say umm so much it makes you look less intellectual …. um

  10. mrsbarron01 says:

    I have the same cut and I would love to see a tutorial on how u would do a
    pinned up style with this look…

  11. WNana1 says:

    Tutorial please:)!

  12. KiyahRae says:

    I’m about to get my hair cut similar to yours, but I’m kinda weary of
    getting a perm cause the last time I had one my hair started falling out,
    so do you know of any perms that aren’t as strong or any way to keep my
    hair natural & still get the short haircut looking nice ?

  13. Mzcee73 says:

    Love your hair and YES…Tutorial please!!! :)

  14. flowersndattic says:

    your hair looks really pretty

  15. theprettygurlrock193 says:

    Tutorial please!!!!

  16. shardae1221 says:

    Tutorial plz….love your hair

  17. Makeoversblissfully says:

    whats the name of the flat iron you use and also is it 1/2 or 1 in? thanks

  18. rine2cuute says:

    You are sooo pretty and that cut luks nice on you

  19. MsSweetAfrica says:

    tutorial please! your hair is so cute!

  20. happyme091 says:

    Can we see a hair tutorial for the shampoo process part and setting!! I
    Like your hair! SUBSCRIBNINGGG!

  21. momorenee14 says:

    I really appreciated this video! Thank You!

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