Heatless Hairstyles For Short & Medium Length Hair

Subscribe & LIKE this video! New videos every week! Here are some hairstyles I’ve been rocking while growing my hair out from a mohawk!!! I got a mohawk back…
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  1. Cake says:

    I love messy hairstyles too

  2. zunigaxforever says:

    this wants to make me cut my hair short again 

  3. Basma Meer says:

    Beanie looks cute on u

  4. Zainab Yuksel says:

    I hate messy hairstyles sorry but I don’t like it

  5. Basma Meer says:

    I am soooo doin the messy updo thingy

  6. silda says:

    She has a really bad mouthe

  7. SnowFreakenWhite says:

    Pretty thank you but my hair is longer than yours like a bit pass my
    shoulders and I have layers so i cant do the first one without it falling
    and I also have bangs any styles for that?

  8. Juliet Rose says:

    You kinda look like ijustine

  9. jessica bartlett says:

    My hairs at such an awkward length, other YouTube videos are just useless
    but all these ideas are really helpful & pretty, Thankyou :) 

  10. Alex Kinney says:

    Your hair reminds me of one Katy Perry’s hair style

  11. The Olly show says:

    U look like Katy perry a little bit lol :) luv your videos you just got a
    new subbie

  12. Heather Blankenship says:

    These are so cool! I didn’t know if the first one would look good on me
    because I have bangs but I tried it and I love it! keep it up girl :) 

  13. Haley Clark says:

    Did you cut your extensions yourself? If so, you should do a video about

  14. Yomna says:

    Thank you so much I just cut my hair to a shoulder length and you helped me
    a lot, your hairstyles are original and cute. Xx

  15. Lauren Elizabeth Anne says:

    You kinda look like kylie jenner when she was younger, but with her new
    hair.. Lucky thing!! So gorgeous and I live your style x

  16. Rachel Schmitt says:

    I honestly thought you were Kylie Jenner for a few seconds when I opened
    this! Thanks so much for the video, I’m considering cutting my super long
    hair to something like this but I was scared I wouldn’t be able to style
    it. You helped me! :) 

  17. ForeverT Angel says:

    Love These 

  18. Tania Palomares says:

    My gosh I love your tutorial. I’m also into the messy looks and I love

  19. Anthony b says:

    Make some more cutting tutorials so awesome love your channel keep its

  20. Mila Milakovic says:

    She kinda looks like Kylie Jenner

  21. lover girl says:

    Ur so beautiful

  22. ever lopez says:

    Ur pretty :) 

  23. Akriti Sharma says:

    Hey so I was just browsing for hairstyles cause my hail is short and I
    found you and you are extremely pretty and I love the hairstyles you
    showed… especially the two ponytails one :) I love how awesome your short
    hair looks :) 

  24. makenajj says:


  25. nicole lopez says:

    heey , what CAMERA do you use for this ? thanks :) 

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