haircut miley cyrus style haircut

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  1. Kristin Wehri says:

    love it minus the platinum

  2. addys bonilla says:

    Love it!! But for me is more Pink than Miley, I want it like that!!

  3. Laetitia Stanic says:

    It looks sort of ugly :P I think its because of her face shape

  4. Rima Machhour says:


  5. Brittaney Hill says:

    Looked amazing!

  6. fromAbove18 says:

    she has got a beautiful face, no matters what haircut she wears.. BUT
    before she looked like a cute, smart girl and now she looks like every
    fashion dummy on the street..
    sorry for my english, I m german ☺

  7. RedSquirreLx says:

    :( but if she likes it.. :) for her 

  8. Bruce Klock says:

    Congrats on the bold move going from long to above the shoulders. I
    personally am a fan of long hair (anything below the shoulders) but I will
    admit that there are women who are able to pull off the above the shoulder
    look rather well. Looks good to me and glad you were (are?) happy with it
    but yeah.. with the blond all around it made me think of the movie Home
    Alone, just missing the part of both hands slapping the cheeks and yelling.

    It also didn’t look that bad when he first lopped off the tail and the hair
    fell forward. Kind of like Blue Mary from King of Fighters.

  9. Megan Reid says:

    She looks pretty no matter what but I personally think she looked better

  10. Dawn Wright says:


  11. Desire Del Mare says:

    looks awesome, only the colours in wrecking ball would’ve been muchhh

  12. Ecce DropzZ says:

    Why would you ever…

  13. 24082408s says:

    You look AWESOME!

  14. GirlDewey says:

    I will admit, it turned out much better than I was expecting. But why the
    hell would you WANT to look like Miley???

  15. Humayra Siddique says:

    It’s great I’d love that cut

  16. Ann Ray Grande says:

    she looks better with short hair wow

  17. Naomi Sokolow says:

    It looks better on her than Miley 

  18. Taylor Marie says:

    She has the perfect face for this style haircut!

  19. Susann Arnesen says:

    LOVE IT! You jook so cute with this haircut! The colour will be even better
    after the roots grow out,then u get that dirty blonde look. ;-) 

  20. Irene Gavidia says:

    absolutely love it!!!

  21. MultiJamesman says:

    Your hair looked fantastic before, much better. IMO you went from
    attractive woman to person who just hates having long hair, which I can
    sympathise with though. In general wanting to look like a celebrity is
    sort of crazy, and IMO the Miley haircut looks terrible on women (although
    I get of how little significance this opinion is). Fortunately hair grows
    back if you want it to.

  22. Tayler McKay says:

    Your platinum looks better than Miley’s, kudos go your stylists!

  23. Melanie Weihrich says:

    Nice :) 

  24. kawaiicrafts says:

    Gah she’s so pretty! I want to cut my hair like that, but idk… I’d get
    too nervous and I’d miss my hair so bad! ;) 

  25. itsfallon duh says:

    That looks really good

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