Hair Styling 101: Setting your short hair cut

How to set short hair using Dove hair mouse and ProStyl brown gel.

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  1. faydradee says:

    I make that same face everytime i reach for that black gel too. lol

  2. imaBADDDone says:

    yess for that look you gave at 9:07 lmao

  3. Mskikinita says:

    i like you waves :D

  4. bibii77 says:


  5. cri5blaz3 says:

    Lol dot com

  6. rock2thakell says:

    girl them sides is tha bomb dot com!

  7. rjmami8508 says:

    Is it alright if I like your “stupid, curly, wavey thing?” Lol

  8. rjmami8508 says:

    I didnt mind that you were silent in you vids. I can’t stand when people talk without getting to the point. I have short attention span & 3yr old lol

  9. TheLildee3 says:

    you definitely inspired me to cut my hair like this, i thought i couldn’t because i have naturally curly hair and i thought my sides and back would be curly and too short to straighten but now i know what to do THANK YOU .

  10. teestaff2012 says:

    what do u use in ur hair to make it so shinny and soft ?

  11. dimplezcutec says:

    Makeup vid how do u do ur makeup from start to finish

  12. dimplezcutec says:

    Can u do finger waves

  13. tommygraytv says:

    your videos are so amazing. seriously! i LOVE your hair. you are beautiful. x

  14. resa1505 says:

    thats a good flat iron! lols i love your hair!

  15. MissySunshine9009 says:

    Love it! How often did you relax when ur hair was this short?

  16. MissySunshine9009 says:

    Love it! How often did you relax when ur hair was this short?

  17. 400986954 says:

    love natural black hair style go girl

  18. kewe1987 says:

    YOU ARE MY FAAAV!!! I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow ONLY because of you!! You are my adopted virtual stylist lol…THANK YOU!!!

  19. CandyCandaceTV says:

    Love your natural curl pattern. Love your hair girl!

  20. blanconinos says:

    How do you keep your hair looking so healthy? even though its permed it looks proper healthy. very pretty

  21. Sunlinkd1 says:

    @JoSanwhich lol u are so on point and funny, thats cool. keepin it real gone girl:)

  22. blkcarriebshaw says:

    omg it is soooo good to know that i am not the only one whose hair does take to perms ! my hair is short and it is soooo annoying at times but this video helped so much

  23. teasedblackpearlz says:

    @lovepigz2007 I wish i could do it! But my natural hair is wayy too much work!!

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