Four Quick easy styles for Short Natural Hair

So my hair has reached that length that I can play around with it a bit more. This is just four quick easy styles that you can achieve with your natural hair…

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  1. Rica G says:

    Wow, really gave me some inspiration. I have a question though. How is that
    ecostyler after you sweat? I’m very leary of gels, I haven’t had any good

  2. Jaynita Coleman says:

    loved all of the styles

  3. Heaven Tamia Goodwin says:

    Thanks so much! I just bc and was lost.. Lol!!! ❤️

  4. Renata Sawyer says:

    You rock!! Thanks lol i love all styles 

  5. Ilima Roebuck says:

    Thanks you for how to style my hair

  6. Lavonia Fisher says:

    Thank you so much for that! It is going to be a big help for me. Your hair
    is so beautiful and so are you!

  7. Alandra Evans says:

    I love these styles

  8. Prettyred T says:

    Very nice!! Thanks

  9. Tonji Jackson says:

    Looooove your videos, this has been so helpful for me :) 

  10. Renata Sawyer says:

    You rock!! Thanks lol i love all styles 

  11. Omega Maxime-Weir says:

    All of them are so beautiful

  12. Shana Adams says:

    Your eyebrows on point

  13. stolliverable says:

    Awesome! Going to try them all. Thanks

  14. kemesha swaby says:

    i love these however, my hair is not as obedient as yours, I’ll try the fro
    hawk though.

  15. Tesheiona Byrd says:

    This is just awesome because I’ve been trying to figure out what to do my
    hair and it’s so hard because it’s a little short

  16. Krissy Boo says:

    just subed u deserve it :) 

  17. Natalie Gonzalez says:

    Omg thank tou soooo much! This is what I needed for me and my daughter. I
    loved it thank you.

  18. Latoya Menard says:

    This video is just wat I need thank u I been going natural about 5yrs now n
    dont know any styles till I watch this now I do.

  19. Francene Bethune says:

    Where did u get that headband. . I desperately need one

  20. Omega Maxime-Weir says:

    Im going to try the last hairstyle for when i go back to school :) thanks
    for the ideas

  21. Queen Nadia says:

    I Soooooo Loce This Video , Nice Looks For Short Hair.

  22. MsAllystar100 says:

    I have the same exact hair. thank GOD I found these vids . lifesaver 

  23. Tiffany Allen says:

    your hair is amazingly beautiful and you really know what you are doing, to
    bad i cant say the same. I haven’t relaxed my hair in 3 years the only
    thing I know how to to do is blow dry and flatiron. Im tired of the heat
    and the damage and im looking for something new. Even though I watched this
    video a million times ‘Im still not confident. Did you add any heat to
    those styles? How long do they last? Do you have to wrap your hair at
    night? Are these question making you dizzy? :) # hoping for some answers

  24. Shana Adams says:

    Your eyebrows on point

  25. LovelyColey211 says:

    Thank you so much!
    Stay Lovely, stay blessed,

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