1. skyetece says:

    Great ideas! I have stretched natural hair and I’m always running late for work!

  2. MsRosieVelt says:

    @familykk300 Thanks! The halo is an awesome style!

  3. MsRosieVelt says:

    @enotrahd Thanks so much!

  4. familykk300 says:

    Awesome im gonna pik the halo style to do

  5. enotrahd says:

    Thanks. I really like the styles!!

  6. MsRosieVelt says:

    @sonjaisooo100 LOL! I wish!

  7. sonjaisooo100 says:

    jasmine guy!?

  8. MsRosieVelt says:

    @Meneetalents Thanks so much!

  9. Meneetalents says:

    great tips!

  10. TheQueenPalace says:

    @MsRosieVelt Yes and I sent you a msg to notify you that I received them. Thanks again. ;)

  11. MsRosieVelt says:

    @Tralasoul223 Thanks a lot! I love easy styles.

  12. MsRosieVelt says:

    @TheQueenPalace I know its late but thanks so much! Did you receive your prizes?

  13. Tralasoul223 says:

    Love them, I just happen to have 2 cornrows in my hair so I will be trying one or them tomorrow. Thanks

  14. TheQueenPalace says:

    Great video. I actually rock those hairstyles already. I love headbands :) …. Have you mailed off the giveaway items as of yet. :) 

  15. MsRosieVelt says:

    @BAMitsRuzi Thanks so much for the invite.

  16. MsRosieVelt says:

    @Razorempress I’m glad my video was helpful to you! Thank you so much!

  17. Razorempress says:

    Great Video!!…very helpful!

  18. BAMitsRuzi says:

    I love your look your soo pretty. =]
    If you want you should bring your talents of makeup over to my channel Im having a huge makeup collab its six girls going to give one winner 6 gifts of makeup. Soo if you want please come an join in on it! :)

  19. MsRosieVelt says:

    @synceere1 Thanks soooooo much for viewing and commenting. Let me know how your styles turn out.

  20. synceere1 says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you sooooooooo much for doing this video! I was completely stumped on a nice yet simple style to do in a few hours for a busy day. This video was a lifesaver! The styles are so cute and SIMPLE! I didn’t know what i was gonna do but I’m gonna definitely rock the puff pony and maybe the frohawk tomorrow. Thanks soooooo much :)

  21. MsRosieVelt says:

    @MrsOverflow Your hair will get there…just keep plugging away and taking care of it and before you know it your hair will be to your shoulders.

  22. MsRosieVelt says:

    @girlabee Thanks for viewing!!

  23. MrsOverflow says:

    I can’t wait until my hair gets longer to do these styles!

  24. girlabee says:

    this is a very helpful video! saving to favorites. thanks for doing this video :)

  25. mrsbcbaby says:

    Hey thanks for the sub… I returned the favor….:-)

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