Double Wig Review- Freetress Equal Short Wigs- Erin and Lacey

Both wigs are about and you should be able to find them now in stores. They are brand new. They do not have combs on the inside but they do have adjustab…

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  1. JesMarie Jones says:

    That blonde is bomb!!!!!

  2. Angie B says:

    the 2nd one looks good

  3. I AM Ishera says:

    Girl i brought that short red one just because u looked so good in it…lol
    now it may look different on me but i don’t care its so punk rock i love it
    and i got it in red i cant wait to get it..thanks for the heads up…

  4. D'Yani Wilson says:

    The second one suited you waaay better it brung out the eye make up you
    were wearing and it looked amazing with your face shape Yaaaas

  5. Miracle Roberts says:

    i want a hair cut like the second wig that would look so cute on me,, then
    dye it the same colors.. ohhhh man c;

  6. GenuineNaturalDiva says:

    Erin is that bissshhhh… Yasss she was gorgeous on u.

  7. tia tamara barham says:

    omg i love your vide

  8. Leigh Jai says:

    The blonde is too cute!!!

  9. belissimahoney69 says:

    every wig you wear looks great on you.. You just have one of those faces
    that goes with a lot of different styles and colors.

  10. mamabutterfly2012 says:

    Cute girlie…blonde one fits you perfect.

  11. Ora Mae says:

    i checked out other videos of the erin wig….and yours is the only cute
    one :( the rest don’t look like yours. Did you style yours before the

  12. tracey mallard says:

    I’ve subbed to your channel because your videos are so nice!!

  13. yourgirljazzy says:

    I swear everything always looks bomb on you! You are sooo pretty btw!

  14. JOAN SMITH says:

    Just received the Lacey wig today. I love it. Waiting on Bessie to come in
    the mail. Thank you so much. I’m having a ball

  15. TheSpiritwriter777 says:

    You rock Erin. That blonde looks good great on you. High 5

  16. Love Law says:

    I love Lacey… I watched your review 3 times before I actually ordered it!
    Thanks girl…and your make up is gorg.

  17. MsShayelove says:

    That Erin wig in THE BOMB

  18. shae cachado says:

    Cant believe how cheap you guys get wigs. In Australia I can only find on
    ebay and they end up $50-$60 each which isnt a cheap wig. If I ever travel
    ill buy hundreds ;) 

  19. Elizabeth Smith says:

    first of all i love your videos.
    2nd- i absolutely LOVE the first wig on you. You look so badass!
    and 3rd- the 2nd wig makes you look like Mary J Blige!

    and last- you’re seriously so beautiful i’m so jealous! keep posting :) 

  20. Yvette Williams says:

    The front is pretty but for me short wigs look wiggy at the nape/back.

  21. makeupbydisha says:

    I know this is random ,but plz let there be a tutorial for this eye makeup

  22. Everything Fabulous says:

    You just got another subscriber. I just literally laughed out loud when you
    said has anyone seen Kerri Hilson lately? Lol but yes the second wig was

  23. Alfreda Small says:

    Wow, the second one is beautiful on you! Love it

  24. Shantel Johnson says:

    just got today and she’s much brighter than I thought I’m apprehensive but
    I’m gonna fleek this face and own it! She’s gorg on u Ms P!

  25. Anika Gaspard says:

    I loooove the second wig!!!! Wish I cld find one just like it in Trinidad :( 

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