Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape: How To Pick A New Men’s Hair Style Hair Products: Alpha M Services and Style System: Sunglasses Face Shape VIDEO…
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  1. Cole Pearce says:

    I have Curly (Not super curly) hair, a high cheek bone and a long face.
    What particular hairstyle should I do? Information would be great. Thanks!

  2. SilverBlinkCod says:

    my hair is wavy its sucks .. :( 

  3. dboydboy1000 says:

    Can’t take this dude seriously with those fucken gay ass hoop
    earings..earrings are cool, but he looks like he’s borrowing his wive’s
    jewlery lol

  4. Hijacked says:

    Is it just me, or have he got something in his left eye?

  5. Dubstep & Remixs says:

    You look like the footballer Diego costa who plays for Chelsea

  6. Gene Aguila says:

    I’m ASIAN and I have straight hair… HAAALP

  7. Retro Nartz says:

    I have a face similar to Julian Casablancas and Hair just like Julian
    Casablancas. Google him if you don’t know him. Do you think I could pull
    off a short hair look? if so what hairstyle should I do 

  8. Miles McKinley says:

    He sounds like the Total Drama Island dude 

  9. Kingrare Five says:

    I have a bit squarish face with a big forehead. about the size of my index
    finger and my forehead isn’t straight up kind of forehead. it curves back(i
    hope you know what i mean) Can anyone suggest me what kind of hairstyle i
    should get? my current hairstyle is short on the side and back and long on
    the top and front. thanks! +alpha m. 

  10. bruce wayne says:

    This guy is gay and he seems a lot cooler than most guys Idk why people
    hate gays so much I understand some people are annoying but you can’t judge
    a population based on what you know about one 

  11. Patrick Sommer says:

    Alpha M. where to find the 2 last pictures at 5:46 ?

  12. Baq says:

    whats the second guys at 5:53 name?

  13. Hinata Hyuga says:

    5:53 i want the middle one, but generally haircutter don’t give a shit and
    does something totally average and boring :( 

  14. Charlie Menk says:

    why do i find this guy to be so annoying.

  15. austin mushovic says:

    I have a HUGE forehead and I don’t really like it how should I get my
    haircut. I kind of like to have my hair be swept to the right and have the
    left side of my heads hair sweep I’ve and cover the bald spot the shows up
    when I shake my hair. Thx

  16. Elixurrz says:

    What is in this dudes eye.. wtf.

  17. Lord Proctor says:

    as a black man, this didn’t help at all

  18. amjadify1 says:

    David beckham kills it with any hairstyle.

  19. Arindam Sarkar says:

    sugggest my hairstyle

  20. Bobby Singer says:

    I’d feel pretty embarrassed taking a picture of Jensen Ackles to my

  21. enrico esteves says:

    that voice

  22. Nick Oakley says:

    hes hotttt

  23. jovel lopez says:

    i am a triangular face shaped and my chick bones are kinda big? what
    hairstyle do you think that compatible right in my face shape?

  24. Sead S says:

    Yeah ! Matt Helders hair texture is similar as mine ! :) 

  25. zwiguy9494 says:


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