Bigen Black Out Step By Step Tutorial Alsmillions gives you complete step by step technique for applying Bigen semi-permanent hair dye.
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  1. drjoe2323 says:

    awsome video whoever hit dislike is a hater he did a terrific job

  2. alsmillions says:

    You can dye long hair, why not. It probably won”t look like this, but you can dye long hair.

  3. sexyuff973 says:

    can u do this on long hair?

  4. alsmillions says:

    Yea, that’s what happens

  5. Aries205 says:

    what happens if you get rained on? will all that dye run down on your face and clothes?

  6. MikeakaMrLive says:

    she didnt even blink

  7. twokey2u says:

    ok now that is nice but i have a question should the hairline be already cut before dying? or can you just apply the dye and make the hairline while applying the dye? If you cut the the hair line before you dye would it burn? I know I said I had a question but thanks for the help..

  8. candigirl6 says:

    Yeh…Im bout to get this!



  10. KiaBaybee21 says:

    @alsmillions Thanks. And I watched a few of your videos earlier, you do a great job!

  11. alsmillions says:

    Absolutely. It’s a dye job. $25.00 -$30.00 more

  12. KiaBaybee21 says:

    @alsmillions Is this considered a “special service” or is blacking out done on the regular? And typically how much of a difference is there in price between a haircut and a haircut with a blackout service???

  13. 5033481boy says:

    were can u get this product from, is it available at Walmart?

  14. cocoboy308 says:

    WOW!! that simple thanks for demonstrating

  15. KiingOfSwag says:

    Thats Hard! I Love Washin My Hair

  16. alsmillions says:

    They should only wash it once into the 2nd week.

  17. KiingOfSwag says:

    That Wit Washin Its ?

  18. alsmillions says:

     2-3 weeks, depending on how it’s applied.

  19. KiingOfSwag says:

    how long this last?

  20. alsmillions says:

    I do a light line so I know where to put the dye.

  21. Pitb0l says:

    @alsmillions Do you edge up before you apply the bigen or do you do it afterwards

  22. sonakoya2001 says:


  23. alsmillions says:

    If applied and maintained right, you should get 2-3 weeks out of it. I would only do it once a month.

  24. niqniq76 says:

    How often can you use the on your hair because it is a permanant dye but it doest have ammonia in it? Just wondering is it safe to use like every one to two weeks?

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