Back to school hairstyles for everyday: braided half updo and ponytail party hair tutorial


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  1. Heather Sayre says:

    I really liked the last 1

  2. John Mayers says:

    I did the last one on myself lol. It looks amazing, btw i am shaved from
    both side, have hair just on the top.

  3. Taiska Serce says:

    i know its a stupid question but are you polish?

  4. Cassie G says:

    Healthiest hair ever! I loved the last one the most

  5. Victoria Miller X says:

    I loved the braided poof one 

  6. Cornelia Erhard says:

    I like them all but the last one i like most:-) p.s. i dont think that your
    hair is thin!! It s totaly normal. Mine is much thiner:-(

  7. Jεssi L. says:

    En version française, Please !? :( 

  8. Our Strange Life says:

    I’m starting volleyball soon, and I really love the last one! Hopefully it
    will stay put in my hair! 

  9. R Winslow says:

    The last one is my favorite!!

  10. Jame Sloan says:

    I like the second and third ones the best ,but out of those 2 i like the
    third one the best.

  11. Angie M says:

    They were all beautiful but the second one was my favorite

  12. Shahad Alghanem says:

    I love the last one sooo mush

  13. Chiara La Mantia says:

    Tes super laide sorciere

  14. Jay Rivera says:

    I love your accent :) 

  15. Summer Henderson says:

    i love the last one with the braid poof that was super cute 

  16. Elisa Pierret says:

    Déçois elle parle français et pour une fois que une de ces vidéos
    m’intéresse elle ne parle pas ma langue ! -une abonnée 

  17. Katya Rizhenkova says:

    А че все по англ

  18. Amiyah Wagaman says:

    I love the second one and the last one

  19. Christine Wheeler says:

    They’re ALL so BEAUTIFUL. Thank you…

  20. Celesse Flores says:

    Beautiful hair color

  21. O&O Crafts says:

    I like the third one a lot :) 

  22. Alexis Eckenrod says:

    i love all of them and your very beautiful.

  23. bwo 92 says:

    I love it ! :O

  24. pandasmoose says:

    The braid-poof ponytail was definitely my favorite:D
    I have a job interview at a hair salon for the receptionist position, and i
    need a hairstyle to make it look like i can fit in!!!! lol
    This one is definitely an option I have added to the list!
    Thank you!
    I’m definitely now subscribed also.
    You rule, lady.:)

  25. blondie sam says:

    Hi there I have recently come across your videos an glad someone does step
    by step my daughter has a different style every day using your videos thank
    you I never had a clue before your videos 

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