2 Chic Up-Do Styles on Natural Hair (Tutorial)

Two Up-do hairstyles on medium length to long Natural Hair. Enjoy!!! Hair style done on lightly stretched natural hair. Blog: http://www.nappturallychicjere….

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  1. Kali Elaine says:

    def need to rock these styles for work.

  2. noooooooooooooooooo says:

    Do you have to blow dry your hair to do this?



  4. Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark says:

    How do you have kids old enough to take the AP exams??? You look like
    you’re 20 years old!!!!!!!!!

  5. Briana Russ says:

    I’m in love with these styles! You just gave me ideas for my night out! 

  6. MsJayKissable says:

    Love the tutorials. I will definitely be trying it out but just want to
    note that it’s hard to hear you over the music.

  7. Jashema C. says:

    I love this look!

  8. Rue Chikanya says:

    Super chic!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Chakka Edmundson says:

    awesome hair style im going natrual myslef! now and it think it just so

  10. prettybrowneyescutie says:

    <3 this. thanks for sharing

  11. aliondeck07 says:

    love the video ! I was jamming the whole time lol.. love the instrumental..
    thank you so much for this tutorial 

  12. reneealicious says:

    Omg! You’re a genius! That first hairstyle is my night out!

  13. Rosalind Marie says:

    That’s hot! Will be trying both!

  14. Bridgette Sheppard says:

    I tries the first hair style today and got so many compliments. Thanks for
    sharing!! I did a rough draft and hopefully will do better the more I do

  15. ButterflyAgape says:

    love the look with the hat!!!!

  16. spicychica says:

    U just made me realize I’m slipping on my hair game lol. Super cute and
    looks super easy! 

  17. TKr9491 says:

    Mos def gonna try both

  18. Ashes Perez says:

    Girl I am outdone! you better do that!

  19. Keren Nsoyori says:

    i don’t know if this is the right time to say this but your really pretty
    and nice video too

  20. MyFitFirst says:

    So grateful for the post!!! It totally saved my hair this morning!!

  21. Alezeia Edgeworth says:

    I love both of the styles! I’m gonna try to do both of them! Thanks for
    sharing this! 

  22. Kenita Perry Bell says:

    Very cute and creative. Will def add these to my hairstyles. I luv updo’s!

  23. ashtondaniels1 says:

    You remind me of YANDY FROM LOVE AND HIP HOP

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