010:|:Natural Hair Styles For Short Natural Hair

These are styles that I have worn from May 2010 till now, August 21, 2010. They are a mix of , protective styles, out styles for the summer and updos. I hope someone gets inspired and encouraged to style their natural hair. I have tons of info and pics on my blog My Blog: Caring for Fine natural Hair www.coilybella.com
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  1. rapierce1 says:

    i liked the roller set with small rods and that’s about it…ooh and the curly fro…

  2. atinawaya says:


  3. atinawaya says:

    It was done professionally.

  4. Epiphanythegirlygirl says:

    Also what did u use to dye your hair bc I’m having trouble dying the ends of my hair. Its not taking.

  5. Epiphanythegirlygirl says:

    Out of everyone I’ve seen u have the greatest variety of hair styles 2 do for 4b hair. Great video.

  6. TheNattygyrl says:

    Thanks for this video. You have given me some inspiration. Trying to find styles that work on fine or low density hair is challenging…especially when it’s short.

  7. Naantaanbuu says:

    Really cute I thought natural hair would be less work.its not it can be time consuming.really nice work.

  8. iiLoveNetta says:

    I wish I could do my hair. I couldn’t do it when it was permed and I still can’t do it now that I’m natural but this did inspire me to keep trying. Your styles were amazing.

  9. msjazmine31 says:

    how do you keep your hair mosturized? You are the first that I’ve seen on Youtube with the same hair type as me.

  10. msyin9 says:

    I love the fact that you have embraced your hairs innate natural beauty and worked it to the max. No matter what our texture of hair is, you have made it plain to see that we can all wear the crowns we were given with pride and be stunning. This is something anyone who thinks they don’t have “good hair” should watch!

  11. relvinezoe says:

    cute styles, please can u do a tutorial for the twist and tuck mohawk? Thanks

  12. Norishea24 says:

    Beautiful makeup

  13. nekiwa07 says:

    what product do u use to do your twist and twist out?


    you should also do 1 on your eyeshadow very pretty

  15. smukase says:

    u can try emu oil to get ur hair to grow back in the outer areas of the scalp. just applying it only there helps. just test it on ur skin first to see if u have an allergy. a tiny bottle is all u need, it s very light and kind of smells like chicken lol but it s a bit of a miracle product

  16. gozosa1980 says:

    i love the one at 6:00 how’d you do that?

  17. atinawaya says:

    Sure!!!!! Thanks for watching!!

  18. atinawaya says:

    sorry for the late reply, don’t know how I missed this comment. I don’t color my hair anymore, it was the worst decision I ever made for my hair

  19. jojolaguerre says:

    oh do a tutorial on the puff crown plz!

  20. PeachyK1Nks1187 says:

    love the coloring and make up is on point!!

  21. PeachyK1Nks1187 says:

    how do u do ur hair color??? i like it alot our hair types are similar also

  22. brighteyz says:

    Would really love to see how you have done some of these styles. There are great!

  23. atinawaya says:

    Thanks MrsAries

  24. atinawaya says:

    Thanks Hun!!

  25. atinawaya says:

    Thanks Hun. It’s copper Brown. I had it done professionally. Thanks for the compliment. I have another channel for makeup if u are interested. The link is on my channel

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