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  1. KOKABUTA says:

    QUICK UPDATE: Just created an email for sponsorship inquires:
    KOKABUTA@mail.com :) 

  2. B Bright says:

    Hey Kokabuta. Was this before or after you combined a second time and had
    30-something odd loc’s?

  3. Tasha Marley says:

    Lol ur so spunky. Fake-me-out one lol

  4. KOKABUTA says:

    got you! that would be fun!

  5. cocomint26 says:

    Hey girl! Whenever you decide to have one, I would love to collaborate with
    you! I’m new to Youtube so I have seen some meet and greet events and they
    look like so much fun!

  6. J Mays says:

    You’re so funny!!! Love your locs!!!!

  7. vincent paperino says:


  8. KOKABUTA says:

    aww thanks :) Love yours too! That color is amazing!

  9. ladiepink says:

    i love ur new colors …sorry i already told u this but i do

  10. KOKABUTA says:

    awwww :) You know I appreciate your compliments! Thank you

  11. KOKABUTA says:

    haha!! :) Thanks!

  12. AblessedQueen says:

    love it…love it…ur sooooo funny……ur fake pony tail is

  13. MizT says:

    You silly but Im like’n your fake me out ponytail, lol. Peace

  14. KOKABUTA says:

    hahaha!! Thanks :) Gotta fake it, til I can make it!

  15. KOKABUTA says:

    Before you know it! Time will fly :) Thank you!!!

  16. KOKABUTA says:

    haha Fake me out!!! lol, Peace and Love :) <3

  17. cocomint26 says:

    I enjoy your videos! Are you planning to have a meet and greet in NYC soon?

  18. rachel j says:

    omg i love this, i cant wait till mine are that length. problaby 6 more
    months :) love your vids too :)

  19. KOKABUTA says:

    aww thank you! No I was not planning a meet and greet in NYC. If I was to
    have one, I would want it to be a collaboration with other youtubers.

  20. TheASHfire06 - ASH's PSP Games! says:

    YouTube famous!

  21. KOKABUTA says:

    lol Ash! :)

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