Short Hair Styles for black women

This look was an inspiration from both Rihanna and Keri Hilson. My first haircut ever this short,,,,but im loving it,

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  1. msfuse1 says:

    @InsanicManiac Not at all…if you google that or look it up on here, im sure youll find others with the same. Just showing women of color how they can style their hair….keep that racists mess to yourself..

  2. msfuse1 says:

    @debraa45 I did not…my bestfriend styled the first look then my beautician styled the second look but everything was my idea…

  3. msfuse1 says:

    @lyttlec92 Do you have a perm on it? what i used was a hair conditioner and brushed it then wrapped it up at night.

  4. msfuse1 says:

    @MisLadi23 A stylist in tulsa, ok

  5. msfuse1 says:

    @Ke80schick idk, my bestfriend picked the color for me…sorry!!

  6. InsanicManiac says:

    Racists? If this said short hairstyles for white women you’d want to give us the chair.

  7. Rayshaun1519 says:

    This is really nice :)

  8. MultiRollins says:

    The front of your hair looks like sh!t no offence but the back looks neat thank you thts all i have to say !!!!!!!! peace am OUT

  9. Miesha301 says:

    cute i like the second look better on you

  10. destaniedestin says:

    Cute Hair!!!! : )

  11. MrLovebug32 says:


  12. MultiSBlack says:

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  13. betricelavender says:

    Really cute

  14. itskeythedfordnigga says:


  15. serenity6831 says:

    that is soooo awesome. it’s creative, different, colorfull. i luv it! plus your very pretty

  16. slt340 says:

    Cute i like your cut

  17. hope8459 says:


  18. wildcats777luv says:


  19. Ke80schick says:

    what color red is that?

  20. MisLadi23 says:

    i love your second look who did it ?

  21. candied88dj says:

    soo friggin adorable ;)

  22. lyttlec92 says:

    how to keep your sides so nice??? mine have this nappy texture to them? what can i put on it??

  23. debraa45 says:

    -i love this hair did you do it yourself .?

  24. msfuse1 says:

    @leanori09 Absolutely not…I dis not shave the sides at all. They were cut low but long enough for a small slim flatiron to catch so it can be curled. To get he wet look rihanna had if you hair is curly I wouldnt perm the top. I did not perm my whole head until a month later. I do not have this style anymore so I cant show you but is really easy. If you hair is naturally curly just add length that matches you hair type and use water and conditioner to curl. I hope this was a lil helpful..muah!!

  25. msfuse1 says:

    @tossie18 Awe Thank You..

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