Workout Hair Styles-Part 1 Curly Natural Hair

Quick and easy hair style you can wear while exercising. This style is great for Curly or Natural hair.It can be done on any hair texture and is especially good for African American/Ethnic hair.

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  1. Prophetess7 says:

    If I tried that with my flexi rod set, it may ruin the hairstyle. Any suggestions on what to do with a flexi rod while at the gym?

  2. cjw5403 says:

    Uh fast forward O.o

  3. QueenWandaful says:

    I found this very helpful thanks.

  4. musicismything3 says:

    all yall are ruudde ! i likke her videoss . andd maybe the reasonn the website isnt found is becauuse its expiredd or she deleted it . this video is from last yearr . and who cares if she works out or not ? no one . right , iff you meannt that you think shes fatt ?? she look perfectlyy fine to me . i amm mixedd with white and blackk . im mostly white . i have white people hair too . i watch videos so i can stye other peoples hairr . keep doin what you doinnn . because i like it !

  5. DancingChakra says:


  6. kjizzlethegreat says:

    I watched this vid 2try and learn something new and cute, any1 could figure out these styles.

  7. iamadasu says:

    I tried going to the website but I couldn’t get to anything. 404 not found. I love informational your videos are

  8. Aft3rH0ur5 says:

    you talk too much …get to the point.

  9. venita2012armstrong says:

    do u workout???

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