Why Does My Hair Grow Slow ?

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  1. lympbiscuit says:

    I’m trying to transitioning to become natural,but my hair grows so slow.I keep weave in my head so it can grow quicker but wen i take it down it is very short.This is making my me second guess myself about going natural.I got my hair trimmed because my hair was uneven, but after that it grew right back uneven.I do not get my hair.It seems every time i take my hair down it is the same size as i was .i do not know what is up with my hair.

  2. Napalicious11 says:

    Average hair growth is 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month not 1 inch ……plz ppl don’t expect ur hair to grow 1 inch a month bc u will b very disappointed. 1 inch is possible but above average ….growing 1.5 to 3 inches in 6mos is normal not slow

  3. MzRawndi says:

    my hair grows slow too, im 6 months post with only 2.5 inches of growth at most in some parts and other parts its 2 inches smh

  4. sarahbwitness says:

    JAYLOVE4777 I feel you. My hair only grows 3 daggone inches a year! Seriously! So if my hair growth cycle is only 3 years then that means thay if I retain every bit of my length, (which is highly unlikely), then the longest my hair would ever be is 9 freaking inches! OMG! SMH! Deep sigh!

  5. Lisa Hanna says:

    ” ARGANRain products ” this is something you just have to try and see the difference, after which you will be the next person to addicted to it. My shedding stopped, my hair stronger , shinny and smooth. I would suggest you visit w…arganrain…net

  6. MrShirye says:

    im a guy and my hair use to grow super fast when i was a kid,but my mom always made me cut it.Than i finally turned 18 and decided to grow my hair and i never really took care of it.
    It’s been 4 years and my hair barely reaches my back now.
    Had i token care of my hair,It would have probably been down to my ass,But i rarely washed it, and i always ripped my hair out while i was combing it.My hair is damaged,and the only way i could fix it to grow fast again,Is to cut it short and start over =(

  7. Adriftinasea says:

    i’m starting to think my hair grows slow…it’s been 9 and a half months since i last dyed my hair, and the what the new growth shows is only about 4 inches. i think it’s because lately ive been eating very unhealthy since i started my new job at a restaurant. most of what i eat is my food from work, whereas before i’d normally eat more vegetables and fish than i do now. plus i’m pretty sedentary outside of this, even though i’m really skinny. i also don’t drink a lot of water. le sigh.

  8. unicqueky says:

    1/4 to 1/2 an inch a month.. NOT 1 inch per month

  9. BlackWomenHair says:

    right that is true and you’re welcome c:

  10. BlackWomenHair says:

    I used to feel like this too and the moment I stopped caring about length, I would notice in between styles how good I am at retaining length. Wishing you the best on your hair journey c:

  11. MsTwaters says:

    I have also been feeling as my hair is growing soooooo slooooowww! I think or rather I know that it is all in my head because I am so excited to be a natural than I have grown impatient. But I am learning to do my hair in its natural state.

  12. JAYLOVE4777 says:

    lol i hate it so much its sickening lol 3 inches in one whole year smh crazy

  13. wataki2 says:

    Right with u.

  14. BlackWomenHair says:

    it would kind of make sense for hair to grow faster in the warmth.

  15. tasha80mgr says:

    Regular growth is 1/4 to 1/2 an inch a month. My grows 1/4 in cold months and 1/2 in hotter month. Hair grows faster in hotter climates,also.

  16. JAYLOVE4777 says:

    Mines grow super slow… my hair grows 1/4 an inch a month…. that means 3 inches in 1 year…. smh too damn slow.. i have locks and am thinking about getting dread lock extensions.. I have terrible hair genes shit crazy how slow my hair grows

  17. BlackWomenHair says:

    haha c:

  18. TheBribri920 says:

    my name to smh…..to many of us!

  19. BlackWomenHair says:

    Hang in there hun, check out some protective style tutorials I’ve posted, changing it up a bit helps me.

  20. Andile Sibiya says:

    thanx hey I’v got natural hair as well…sometyms I feel like cutting it off…bt hey dats a very important Info

  21. BlackWomenHair says:

    your always welcome c:

  22. Zama Ndlela says:

    thanks that very helpful :)

  23. BlackWomenHair says:

    pssh, you stole my name I had it first! lol. And thnxx love c:

  24. Jesuslover1473 says:

    we have the same name ! hahah you have a wonderful name btw great video <3

  25. christabella201 says:

    Thank up girl………I’ve been just so passed with my hair for the past year!!!

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