Natural Hair Puff Style

How to make a puff on natural hair. This is an old old twist out. I was suppose to re-twist it last night but I got lazy. I wet my edges in the shower, and lightly detangled with a wide tooth comb. I applied IC Fantasia gel around the edges and brushed until smooth. I doubled a Goody’s Elastic Headband to make a high puff. I set the style with a satin scarf.
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  1. treadstonevinod says:

    huge arms

  2. AfricanUganda says:

    your pretty with out makeup..

  3. rosegorgeous says:

    Hi there,
    Please be more upbeat when making your videos. You need to be confident.

  4. lovingutube1 says:

    Hi Tasha, your hair looks so good it really grew alot, my hair is growing as well, have not been online in so long, i miss watching your videos hopefully I will be back fulltime really soon.

  5. expertshinobi says:

    Great puff! My hair looks just like yours and it’s great to see you rockin’ it well! :D

  6. TashaGreat says:

    I actually like your hair better, mine is really thick lol but thanks please stay tuned

  7. LALanguage says:

    Girl we have Twin Hair… Love the waves and Curls!!

  8. TashaGreat says:

    I do too, but these are stretched pretty good. I use Goody’s though. If they arent well worn, I stretch them on the back of a chair for a couple of hours before using them

  9. moniquewhit says:

    what bands do u use….i get a head ace w/the ones i use

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