Natural Hair- Prep for Protective Style

Check Out My Website Im just getting my hair ready for a protective style. I give more info in the video. Enjoy! Song Number One Fan — Hype D (My husband)- Available soon for download
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  1. DrkNSwt says:

    Hey black onyx what part of FL are u in?

  2. hotstuff1008 says:

    how long did it take to get your stuff.cuz it been ova month for me and i still aint got it and cant get in touch with no1

  3. Chinaboo94 says:

    I LOVE YOURE CHANNEL! lol… Can you please check out my channel?

  4. Lyrem34 says:

    Could you tell me pls what’s the name of that song? Thanks :)

  5. nanatonyasia says:

    what do you think the best procective style for Winter time? I want to retain length and get my hair healthy.

  6. godfirstful says:

    after washing n drying waht do i do to get length to my hair without flat ironing it

  7. bucsfan228 says:

    Can you provide me the contact info for Carlos? At this point I’m willing to travel anywhere in Fl to find a good stylist!! Thanks!

  8. bucsfan228 says:

    I’m also in Tampa and looking for a good natural stylist who also wash, condition etc not just style. I went to Nubian Knots in West Tampa but the stylist Mofe rushed my process through and didn’t even style my hair. Even if I can find someone who style natural hair and is dependable.

  9. naturallybless1 says:

    where did you get your hair done in Tampa for your event ? looking for a shop in Tampa that knows about/care for natural hair.

  10. happy2benappy1 says:

    I just recently subscribed to you, however I just wish that you didn’t ramble on so much. Please just get to it my attention span is sooo short. I have your texture so I like to see what ur doing. No offense :)

  11. wishes2ful says:

    Hi i could not leave u a private message i order your products havent got received nothing yet my name is Trina PLEASE CONTACT ME U HAVE MY EMAIL AND NUMER DONT MEAN TO BE RUDE BUT ITS BEEN A MONTH

  12. nicolleminter says:

    hi hun! i have a question for you….this is my first year natural … i just did a hot oil treatment and trim to night …preparation for protective style …kinky twist in for the winter….so when i remove the kinky twist will i need to trim hair again or 2 to 3 months after taking hair down

  13. christinad690 says:

    i live in the heart of miami the hood!!! it’s on & off cold between 60′s on cold nights.

  14. shanti0889 says:

    cold in florida???!!!???i hope miami is still hot i love it there!

  15. lemontree0216 says:

    Just wanted to say I have the Shea Yogurt and the Hair Parfait and like said above I also like the Hair Parfait better. I use it on my hair and my 2 yr old daughter’s hair. I use it for twists and braids and our hair is moisturized days on end. I also love the hair oil. Great products

  16. bubblejaz23 says:

    U don’t know what cold is untill you’ve lived in Michigan lol

  17. dharmastipulate says:

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  18. michelle3868 says:

    I want to try your products but theres so many what should i use i just did my big chop on oct.16. help

  19. naturallyours32 says:

    I was always curious about your products and needless to say MY HAIR IS SOOO HAPPY. Thank you so much and God bless you and your family Keep up the good work. RESPECT..1 LUV : )

  20. XXnubianbeautyXX says:

    Can I use your products on relaxed hair as well?

  21. shundale1000 says:

    Hello Blackonyx,I have a question for you,I have a serious problem with frizziness with my twist and braid outs,so bad to the point that i end up wearing my fro.Please help!!!!!

  22. Thatallqt says:

    I live in Louisiana so i was unable to attend your event :- ( I was wondering if you plan to be a vendor at the world natual hair show in ATL ? i belive the dates are april 30 & may 1.

  23. moth2650 says:

    I though you lived in the sunshine state, so prep for protective style is a waste of time. Now people who are experiencing cold weather from October to March will need protective style and winter hair care tips.

  24. BlackOnyx77 says:

    Liquid, Oil and then Cream based moisturizer..they are applie din the order that your hair absorbs first…if u put cream first nothing else can break into it and reach hair shaft

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