(lightly) Flat Ironed Long Natural Hair

I flat ironed my hair just a bit to give u an impression of my hair length before I cut my hair. If you notice you can still see the waves in the hair. I prefer not to flat iron. If I want to wear my hair straight I do set it in rollers. You can also notice from the comparison between flat/weave…
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  1. wandasanes says:


  2. MsNaijaPrincess says:

    Hi dianey55 what are some of the disadvantages of long hair? My hair reaches the middle of my back and I’m considering growing it as long as yours or a little longer.

  3. cassandra9822 says:

    Wait what pregnancy!!?!?! Wow congratz!!!! but u look like your 16!!? Your blessed!! U never age :p 3

  4. dianey55 says:

    Almost! I believe my pregnancy had something to do with my hair getting a bit longer

  5. dianey55 says:

    I’ve heard that alot growing up. In Holland some people think I look Turkisch ( I think that has to do with my nose :) )

  6. dianey55 says:

    That is true, I agree.

  7. dianey55 says:

    Yes indeed, I will scan an upload some pictures of me growing up!

  8. baraka hinton says:

    so ur black

  9. lovelaugh89 says:

    You look so Indian with all that hair!!

  10. HanaOfficially says:

    Think I just died of jealousy lol your hair OMG wish mine grew as fast as yours n how long did it take to get to that length? :)

  11. AngryMaddyBrian says:

    That must have taken the you the better part of a day!

  12. AngryMaddyBrian says:

    Get in line!

  13. chickun1soup80 says:

    i want to make love to your hair

  14. ShazzieBe says:

    Dianey you’re beautiful. My family is mixed like you & a few of my cousins have thigh length hair. Try to look up how to blow out hair straight. You don’t have to flat iron to get straight hair with your texture.

  15. gypsygypsygypsyism says:

    Ohhh ok . Wow . Was your hair as long as it is here when it was being relaxed ?

  16. Nbennaj says:

    I am glad to hear from you! I understand, I am just happy to hear that you are still making videos!

  17. dianey55 says:

    I haven’t trim my hair in three years till recently. The request by the salon was to only take of the damaged hair (phase 1). And she didnt take much out, so I guess I can conclude that trimming hair often is not necessary (in my case).

  18. dianey55 says:

    Thank you

  19. dianey55 says:

    Hahaha…I am my biggest critic….made some videos wasn’t to happy. I expected like 50 subscribers so I kinda feel the pressure now. The best approach for me is to do something spontaneous and upload it, that’s what I did with the other three videos. That works out the best for me!

  20. dianey55 says:

    True, my mother was relaxing my hair…I think since I was 6 years old…I went natural in 2005.

  21. dianey55 says:

    I’ll explain this in a video….

  22. hunny652 says:

    how many years did it take for ure hair to be that long? i have the same hair as you and im amazed at ure hair my goal is to get mine to waist length i never would of imagined it would look anything like that tho i love this video

  23. OmgItsAdryl says:

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous :)

  24. gypsygypsygypsyism says:

    ( : Beautiful ! May I ask what is the reason you are cutting your hair ? And you said ” before ” you went natural ? Did you have chemicals in your hair before ? This is so beautiful !!! -jumps up and down !

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