How To Grow Out a Fade

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  1. LadiSway says:

    Sunshine I appreciate your advice (true tears) it touched me because I thought I had given myself permission to be me this time around. Then I found my hair not growing…neither was I. So now I am beginning again cutting again and with this cut I am letting all doubts fall on the floor with the hair. So I truly appreciate you sharing and allowing others to share for me to read also. Thank you.

  2. lindadcool says:

    How often do u get ur sides & back faded

  3. tessypooh says:

    I want a fade :) )))

  4. sunshinelovespeace says:

    Thanks friends for watching and commenting on this video! I really appreciate the support and all the co-signs on my tips!

  5. sunshinelovespeace says:

    Wow! Thanks!

  6. sunshinelovespeace says:

    I tie it down with either a scarf or a doo rag. But there are times when I just sleep without it and I have a polyester pillow case. I need to upgrade to Satin soon :-)

  7. leolion704 says:

    …Synthetic or human hair…if at all. This last time I grew from a boycut I just twisted my hair so I had short twists all over. Which I was uncomfortable with the first two boycuts but this third time I think my confidence was on another level. All I cared about is if it was neat. And I probably received more compliments than ever :-) 

  8. leolion704 says:

    This is my 3rd time growing my hair out from a boycut. I usually just let my hair grow. As long as you can still see my neck I kept an edge up so I didn’t have a random hairy neck lol and same with the sides an edge up. Not real defined though so I’d call it a soft edge up. That way my twa still had some neatness to it. For myself it would seem harder to keep a styled cut. When it reached that awkward length I did braids. Beginning with yarn braids since they don’t slip nearly as much as syn

  9. christielove1110 says:

    Amen! I haven’t had the top cut since I originally cut it short. I still plan to have the sides & back tapered as the top grows out. But as my hair gets thicker & more bulky on top, I think I’ll get less taken off so it doesn’t look so drastic from very little hair on the sides to a whole bunch of hair on top.

  10. E Fabulous says:

    How do u protect your hair at night?

  11. trinifarlyfe says:

    Whatever hair phase ur in Sunshine, i love it! It looks good on u and u rock it well :)

  12. chinalcolston says:

    Right on!

  13. feemarie83 says:

    From someone who has grown out from a fade MANY TIMES, that was great advice! I totally agree!

  14. Thankfull13 says:

    What I did as I grew my fade was to get my hair tapered on the sides and the back, so as my hair grew, it grew in a style. It wasn’t just a rounded twa, but it grew back with funk.

  15. feebaysocute says:

    i bc’ed with a faded box cut, as it grows out im gonna have my barber get rid of the box…

  16. Rae Rose says:

    I kept my hair cut even all over, and im now growing my twa even all around as well… i literally have a mini afro and i am totally comfortable with it. You’re right. Thanks for this video.

  17. naturallybeauty1 says:

    You make me wanna cut my hair off again lol ugh too cute

  18. 123plaid says:

    LOVE love this video!

  19. 083jess says:

    I had a full on BOY FADE and trust me, I hit every single awkward phase possible!! Now im slowly coming up on month 4 and to me i’m still in a funny phase because I want to do two strand twists but now quite there yet. Sometimes I think I miss my one month fade but im trying to get braids to be able to keep my hands out of my hair for the fall and winter (hopefully)

  20. LovableBre82 says:

    Love your hair Sunshine!!

  21. THECALICUTIE says:

    I just did my big chop and now I want to go to a barber to get a razor shave, once I cut I decided that I am not me hair.

  22. Tigress06 says:

    and have just been letting it grow. now i have almost 2there inches in the back and its starting to bug me :/

  23. Tigress06 says:

    hi Sunshine do you or any viewers have advice for growing out an undercut? i had my back shaved this summer

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