How to Get Long Natural Hair for Black Women (Part 2)

Long Natual black hair is about the secret to long black natual hair and how to obtain and manage it. Cormie also responds to Chris Rock’s comments on Oprah regarding black women and long hair.

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  1. bananacakez13 says:

    watching this in 2012 ^.^

  2. evjewel says:

    Check me out evjewel

  3. 123456Rehab says:

    I want your email address is necessary I am an Arab descendant and suffer from hair a lot – I live outside the U.S.

  4. Maraki Nyirenda says:

    will trimming your hair make it grow?

  5. gemangchen says:

    Great informative first video thank you

  6. verycoolchicka says:

    @gmamele1 Yup you have to of your hair that’s growing will turn into soloist ends

  7. gmamele1 says:

    i have permed hair and i want to go natural, do i have to cut all of the permed hair before going natural? what hair product do you use for your hair?

  8. tomeka1971 says:

    Love the vid and I am now going natural! Tired of paying to get my hair done when I can do it myself and buy electronics instead!

  9. dfnq8 says:

    is perming bad for ur hair ? cuz my friend her hair is permed and doesnt know if she should go natural again idk shes confused

  10. Kennedy Harris says:

    I believe natural thick hair on specifically black women is beautiful. the curls & healthy look is very cute.

  11. 17bluemonkey says:

    could you make a tutorial on how to get hair like yours. I always wanted my hair to be like that so when I get my hair long has katara from avatar: the last airbender. thanks.

  12. xaviennesexy says:

    whats a good shampoo and conditioner for dry natural hair?

  13. pampearson2010 says:

    You have some beautiful that REAL and LONG!!! Congratulations!!! The only time my hair grew that long was during, and after my pregnancy as well. What types of shampoos, and conditioners do you use in your hair? Do you use any leave-In conditioners?

  14. BOTDFfanXD says:

    I like your hair! So pretty

  15. GwenaelJohnson says:

    Pleaseeee someone could write in french what i must do to get long hair?
    I understand anything she said !

    A girl from Belgium

  16. xxPinkKisszxx says:

    OMG! You’ve helped me soo much. I’m 13 going on 14 in a month and I’ve only had my perm for about a year and some change now. I recentley found out that a relaxer is very damaging and I have stopped. So this is my question I’m getting a weave in my hair (the type that they braid your hair and sew it in). Will this help my hair get longer (by not doing so much to it besides getting it trimmed and done every 3 or 2 weeks?

  17. ashleebee1993 says:

    im grateful that you made this video because I’m going to be a freshman in college so i won’t be able to go get my hair done alot. I decided that i want to go natural so this really helps. My only question is how to you deal with dandruff if you dont mess with your hair and you dont wash it everyday? I have a big problem with dandruff and i dont like putting alot of oil in my hair because then it will weigh it down.

  18. ImSoFrenchy says:

    Hi! I love your videos! And I wanted to ask a quick question, I am in the process of letting my hair grow naturally ( I am done wirth relaxer etc…) my last hairstyler told me to relaxe it well she didnt told me she just put the relaxer on my head but anyway… Yous said it’s gonna be down to here after two years but from where? How long was your hair before these two years?… Thank you for all your videos!

  19. MRbossman1982 says:

    Black man here and i like to say i love Black women with natural hair styles. Really show me she is super confident in her self, and its sexy and they can style it in a million way. i got love for my African Queens and yeah not all black guys are jerks, i am a gentleman right here so keep on marching on. one day i hope to find my Black or African queen.

  20. AuntyM66 says:

    I have hair which is similar to yours in length and thicKness. I relax my hair every year. So let it grow out. I relax it because becomes thick tangled and takes ages to style. I use children ‘s relaxer ot phtyospecific. When my hair is relaxed, it never bone strait. I like the curls, therefore I can platt my hair and it still locks. I prefer to have naturel hair.

  21. sodapopp65 says:

    so u are you saying that you were bald when you started to grow your hair out?

  22. moni23me says:

    lmao @ “if u wanna walk around with scraggly hair thats ur business” :)

  23. winiver77 says:

    i’M 9 mths transitioning – its grown – but some of my relaxed long hair thinned out.. so upset – because i planned on transitioning for 2 years! so this week to save what permed hair i had left – because just didnt want BC i put in twists! so I’ll rock these until march and see what growth looks like then!

  24. Smexyflower says:

    Some people are lucky enough to have natural hair that is easy to manage, I never had a nice curl to my hair it was always tight. I have a perm but I also have long hair it all depends on how you take care of your hair.

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