How To: Curlformers on Natural Hair | 4C Natural Hair

Curlformers on Natural Hair has some amazing results! Trust me, I know. I have the kinky but lovely 4c natural hair. So let me teach you how to use curlformers on natural hair regardless of the type you have. If it worked for me it…it will certainly work for you! This is how I apply and set curlformers on natural hair. I discuss where to buy them, how to use and style curlformers, and my two uses of them. After I wash, detangle, and deep condition my natural hair, I apply a quarter size amount of Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner as my leave in and a dime size amount of extra virgin olive oil. I then set my hair with LottaBody Carrot Oil and Keratin Foam Wrap (regular hold) and use my denman to brush it through my hair. Next I apply the curlformers and set my natural hair overnight. When I take it out the next morning, I either style my stretched Afro hair or I add either wonder 8 oil spray or extra virgin olive oil. The curl set only last one to two days, but the stretched natural hair style last for well over a week! Thanks so much for watching…God Bless You Honey! So have curlformers on natural hair work for you? Facebook Natural Hair Fan page:
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  1. Chacha5678 says:

    we need more 4c videos on youtube

  2. Sharterrka03 says:

    Yes! I felt the same way. Before making this video I had watched many curlformers on natural hair videos but not many women did curlformers on 4c hair. Well I am very happy that you found my curlformers tips helpful. Let me know how your curlformers hairstyle turn out. =)

  3. UptownGirl27 says:

    Thank you for demonstrating using curlformers on your 4c hair. I was a little discouraged if that product would work for my 4c hair but after seeing you video I am more confident to try it out.

  4. Sharterrka03 says:

    You are very welcome…It’s always great to find others who have the same hair type as me! It’s amazing what our hair can do! Good luck! =)

  5. thatsthatgyrl says:

    Maybe if you did pink on one side and yellow on the other, the curls may go the same way. Idk. It looks like it tho.

  6. bigmomma281 says:

    This video is great and thanks for sharing it

  7. Thejuleze says:

    Thanks for sharing. FOund it quite informative, as I just placed an order coupla minutes ago.

  8. SimpleGracesJewelry says:

    Your video was wonderful! Your curls look amazing! Thank you for giving step by step instructions. Can’t wait to get my curl formers.

  9. Sharterrka03 says:

    Yes I love the way the curlformers stretch my natural hair…it’s gets the roots straighter and elongates the hair better than when I do a braid or twist stretch.

  10. cwwwwj247 says:

    Thanks for the video. So far, I’ve only used Curlformers to stretch my hair (after which I style in twists), which has worked out great.

  11. Sharterrka03 says:

    Hey honey! You’re welcome =)

  12. dovedarby says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Sharterrka03 says:

    It’s a plastic mesh type of material…it’s very flexible yet always returns to it’s original shape.

  14. NIJEECAPRICORN20 says:

    what kind of material those rollers are made out of ?

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