How to apply a Half-Wig that looks Natural!, Protective Styles for Relaxed Hair

This is my tutorial on how I apply my half-wig and how I maintain my hair underneath. This is a protective style that will help your hair stay healthy.

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  1. Jamie Sizzlehands says:

    Yeah….. Think I might try that. That was a good hairstyle and it took so little time.

  2. mswiljaho says:

    Wow! Thank you 4 sharing you made it look so easy =) I will be buying a half wig.

  3. diamondztreasure says:

    Thank you so much for watching!

  4. diamondztreasure says:

    Hi, no i’m sorry I don’t but I know it was a synthetic wig. It wasn’t that expensiive either. It’s not that hard to have it blend b/c not too much of your hair is left out.

  5. MsCierarose91 says:

    This video has inspired to go get a synthetic half wig. I spent almost a half an hour in the beauty supply the other day debating on if I should get a synthetic half wig. I didn’t know they blended with natural hair so well. Do you remember which brand it was ??

  6. Nikki Noel says:

    i just love how you make putting on a wig so easy. i’m always weaving my hair so i decided to try wigs for a change. thanks your video was very helpful

  7. diamondztreasure says:

    Thank you Uly.

  8. uly7777 says:

    i love ur intro

  9. frank55978 says:

    thats true what you said about not putting gel on the front of the hair
    thats what i been doing and it look unatural and the wig look fizzy

  10. kittyskid1 says:

    it does look natural

  11. diamondztreasure says:

    No, I haven’t but I would like to one day except I hate the feeling of weave in my hair everyday. I know it’s good for protective styling but I get sick of them after about a week or so && I have seen ppl wearing some really shotty lace fronts, so if I get one I will either look how to make the hairline more natural myself or just spend the money and get a very realistic looking one. However, I don’t look to go down the lace front road anytime soon. What makes you want to try them?

  12. Monica McHaskell says:

    I too use half, but Im trying to break into lace fronts. have you ever tried full lace fronts?

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