1. arcee0712 says:

    relaxers are known to cause bounce, but using the right products and technique non relaxed hair can be just as bouncy. I get my hair pressed and my stylist uses a technique (some call it thermal press) that leaves my kinky hair bouncy as if I have a relaxer. Of course reality dictates that it won’t last as long as a relaxer. But, since I go back and forth between curly and straightened (straightened maybe 3 times per year) it doesn’t make a difference to me.

  2. arcee0712 says:

    Good video. But, although it won’t matter much at this point for transitioners. I highly recommend using an old tee shirt to squeeze excess water out. This is because as your hair transitions to its natural state, and you get the relaxer trimmed off step by step. You want to get into the practice of keeping your hair from getting frizzy when you start doing the curly styles. Towels not only cause frizz, they also may disturb the curl pattern.

  3. Denisehealthnut says:

    I prefer hair that has bounce. My hair is natural and healthy so when I get it straightened, it bounces and it’s weightless. Her hair is definitely shiny and healthy but where is the bounce? It needs to move.

  4. LeFemmeRouge says:

    I’m weary of how much long term breakage this can create with curling it twice in one setting.

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