Braidout on DRY Hair- Tutorial

Check Out My Website Soooo This is how to achieve the dry braidout bug hair look , I enjoy this style and I wear this one more than my wet braidout look. Watch and see how I do this. Enjoy! Song India Arie ft. Musiq- Chocolate High

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  1. luckylady75091 says:


  2. journnie says:

    I really like the outcome too. I’m new to going natural so I’ll have to keep practicong on the cornrolls. I’m also trying to grow in my bald spot on my hair line in front. Any suggestions?

  3. pb5619 says:

    You are just so awesome:) Most certainly a teacher of natural haircare…thank you

  4. dori1017 says:

    OMG!!! Is that a top or a dress??? Soooooo cute!!! May I ask where you got that from please??? lol!

  5. JessieD1298 says:

    lol my mom did this in my hair just the braiding part and sent me off to school in the 5th grade lol worst day of my life no offense tho

  6. dahprincess310 says:

    man i swear!!!! u help me sooooooooooo much. without u and ur journey i dont think i would have my own…. thank u so much for being my inspiration and reclaiming my natural hair!

  7. sharondatutson says:

    you sound like kim kardashian kinda idk is it me

  8. sharondatutson says:

    i hate middle parts too

  9. kimchristian1 says:

    I adore the top you had on. Is there a web site where i can get the top.

  10. meldibson says:

    I think we have the same hair texture! when my hair smells humidity it schrinks!!! I want to try braids out with ecostyler on dry hair bt using a leave-in conditionner or castor oil….hoe you good! thanks for th video

  11. MzzYCC says:

    i absolutely luv ur hair!!

  12. armywife2248 says:

    your hair looks so very healthy and soft! more close ups please! lol!

  13. vandalizemeprettyy says:

    I love that you have your hair natural. Seriously I’m Caucasian and i think black natural hair is truly beautiful.

  14. ama00010 says:

    whts the name of song at the beginning? Always like ur vids….nice muziq,vids,everything!

  15. coolbreeze89 says:

    I like that top you have on in this video! Its cute.

  16. Ah77348 says:

    Notice the emphasis on “cool” haha i get you girl! No heat!

  17. animaybanana101 says:

    That’s exactly how my hair looks like when I dry twist/braid it. ^_^

  18. MsSpokenWord says:

    BlackOnyx..I LOVE your channel..You are my go to page for new hairstyles! LOVE thats shirt!

  19. xxwifeykayxx says:

    you’ve help me so much with my hair thank you =)

  20. thinkuthink says:

    That shirt is SWANGIN’! :0) Love your videos and can’t wait to try your products!

  21. Sheshe416 says:

    Thank you, I’m newly natural. You thought me to cornrow. A Definate Skill.

  22. davdav721 says:

    I hate my hair Why wont it be like yours

  23. bahianut says:

    love your hair…can’t wait to mine gets that length

  24. AnddSheKanBanggThtt says:

    That Shirt Is Really Different, &&’d Pretty

  25. Auntkekebaby says:

    Yeah, I used to do this years ago. You look great!

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