In this video we give our model Mase, the long hair she’s always wanted. She already had hair just past her shoulders, but felt it was taking forever to get longer. We used a method called…

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  1. kingjo1111 says:

    @acemcdonald hey Loretta. I’m the guy in the video applying the extentions.
    theres not much more to learn from all this. what you see is the simplest
    way to apply it, you can youtube more on how to apply micro ring extentions
    if you want but it is pretty much the same.

  2. sarai albla says:

    I am probably going to get these, do they fall out of the rings easily? And
    can you use conditioner on your roots ( I dont think so)

  3. Connie Tran says:

    Need some good loop and lock with top quality hair that last, you gotta go
    to Golden Lush Extensions

  4. acemcdonald says:

    Hello, my name is Loretta. I was watching this video and really wouldlike
    to learn more about aplying the hair extension. I am a hairstylist and
    would like to know if you have a course on this.

  5. tinkbellkiss says:

    Don’t buy the Neo Loop and Lock….only last 1-3 weeks!!!!

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