Wedding hairstyles for long hair tutorial Easy elegant updo Fryzura na dlugie wlosy

I’m wearing Glam Time clip-in hair extensions I talk about them in detail in I show…
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  1. Rihanna Mercury says:

    Lilith, Thank you for this great tutorial. I trully have no words to say,
    this is just Beautiful and Enchanted. I’m so greatful for your tutorials. I
    love the way you speak, and make such awesome tutorials. I’ve learned many
    things from you. Thank You. Hope your talent will continue and bring
    fortune to you. You are gorgeous and beautiful. I always watch
    your videos and i love them very much. You are trully a wonderful and
    talanted person. You are my role model. Thank you for everything. With
    love, – Rihanna

  2. Kajal Vasava says:

    Heart sorry miss spelled it :( 

  3. Keiko YOSHIDA says:

    I’ll try this hairstyle.

  4. Kajal Vasava says:

    So cool sweethreat. I like your this updo so much! <3<3<3<3<3 so cute! :D 

  5. vikenceto22 says:

    You are so beautiful and creative !! I really love your videos,this
    incredible hairstyles look very very easy to make! I’m very happy to found
    you!!! And I just want to thank you for this amazing videos!! Keep doing
    these wonderful videos, you will attract more fans and not only with
    videos, also with your beauty! :) )

  6. Lilith Moon says:

    Congratulations, dear! I’m so happy to hear about your success! :) )

  7. Stacey Oxley says:

    because at first she is just showing how to do a rope braid, which is very
    useful if you don’t no how. Then she starts to tutorial and she parts her
    hair and does one rope braid on one side and then one on the other, if you
    listen she explains very clearly, it is also common sense

  8. agentvang70 says:

    Wow’! Thank you super easy!!

  9. spuffy518722 says:

    you looked soo familiar but i couldnt place you. then i realized i never
    actually saw you, but imagined you in my head. there’s a book series called
    Sword of Truth and you look exactly how i imagined the character Nicci
    haha. great videos by the way:)

  10. navithesagittarius says:

    You make the hardest hairstyles so easy to do. That looks like you had it
    done from a stylist!

  11. Prissy Full says:

    You are amazing! Beautiful and easy.

  12. ballagetbuckets12 says:

    I have the length to pull off this hair, but it’s not very thick! :o it
    still works though, but I’m sure it would look nicer like yours if my hair
    was thicker

  13. Vasilisa Wu says:

    are you russian?

  14. BlChockolatte says:

    Tytuł po polsku? Wow :D

  15. Will Fredo says:

    Elegante sencillo y bonito.Saludos desde México.

  16. leahmoss1983 says:

    Wow!! I love your videos. Your hair is gorgeous! Do you use special
    products for your hair when styling? You make it look so easy!! Xx

  17. raquel aguilar says:

    Omg you are absolutely AMAZING! I can’t stop watching your videos thanks so

  18. Pearldusted says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! Your instructions are very easy to follow. I
    wore this style to a wedding this weekend and everyone said it was lovely. :)

  19. Michelle Arcilla says:

    Love it! Thank you Lilith!

  20. Nicky Best says:

    do you show hair styles for shorter hair?

  21. cerys2428 says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING, you should be like famouse or something…really your
    hairstyles are easy to follow and genuis :) total thumbs up !

  22. 2713en says:

    I Just came across ur channel. U r beautiful n ur tutorials are amazing!!!
    whn i saw the pics first I thougt it would be so difficult to do this but
    after watchng a few of ur tutorials i agree completely tht “HAIRSTYLING IS
    EASY WITH LILITH MOON” I feel a lilltle sad tht i cannot watch all the
    videos in one day but I’m surely gonna to watch all ur tutorials n try the
    hairstyles. Thank you so much for the tutorials n plz keep up with ur good

  23. assouma labidi says:

    t’es zolie créative et élégante jtm b1 bizzzzz

  24. Shagoofa Khan says:

    These are just so pretty, I’m so glad I found you. I might try this on my
    client tomorrow. Have a good day.

  25. Nalan Martin says:

    When I discover you I was the happiest lady in the world.! All your updos
    are perfect! I have been using most of it on my clients and they are loving
    it too. I visit your tutorials almost every day. Thank you so much!! You
    are the best:)

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