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    Now at HARARE’s fall the enemy invaded in his fall & all his sons & males
    of his clan/kingdom’s hair was shaved off by the enemy & all black man were
    ordered to cut off their LOCKS anyone that was seen wearing DREADLOCKS
    would be imprisoned, killed, tortured, burnt alive & all sorts because they
    feared his spirit would rise again or reincarnate if any man ever had lox
    as healthy & beautiful that they might become alive again . This was to be
    repeated in the whole great lands of the black man that any man who will be
    seen wearing this hair style DREADLOX would be killed from North, West,
    East & South. It was also speculated that Ma Dudzai regretted what she had
    done that she spent all the remaining days of her life trying to find a
    replica of HARARE that she would hunt down any male in DREADLOCKS and would
    act hysterical apologising kidnapping them and making them have sex with
    her for 2 whole days before murdering them the same way she murdered her
    great husband………….. I heard the story from my late great great
    grandmother who passed away when i was 12. now 41. She would say don’t
    twist your hair in locks unless you want to wake up with a snake in your

  2. cdefghij klmnopqrstuv says:

    The story about a man called HARARE which means HE DOESN’T SLEEP. He had
    great strength & the strength was in his hair DREADS. they named him he
    doesn’t sleep because no one had ever won a war against him, he was always
    awake, aware & alert because his hair would alert him of anything good or
    bad. He knew everything. During an enemy attack Harare would stand at the
    stop of a hill, release he DREADS & by shaking his dreads rocks would
    tumble down & crush the enemy. his hair would send great winds, lightning.
    His hair would call the great animals of the forest to aid him. BEES were
    one of the great weapons he would use also. HIS FALL though. HARARE had 8
    wives & the enemy managed to woo the most bitter of his wives who was
    barren & his 3rd wife. She was also a great spirit medium with the spirit
    of the snake & she also attended to his hair. Her name was DUDZAI meaning
    INTERPRETER of dreams/hidden msgs. she felt she was failing to conceive
    because HARARE had only little time to spend with her….. Cut a long story
    short……A spirit prophesied that she would conceive but only had 2 days
    to mate with her husband, but only during the 2 days. She requested HARARE
    mate with her instead of his younger 8th wife. HARARE referred her to
    negotiate with the 8th wife who refused to swap the times as she missed &
    couldn’t wait to spend time with her husband. DUDZAI begged HARARE to still
    see her but he refused saying he would be breaking his oath with his 8th
    wife therefore she has to wait her turn. DUDZAI was so angered & heart
    broken that she had lost her only chance to ever become ( Ma DUDZAI)( ma=
    mother) she ventured far from the kingdom away from HARARE protection &
    vision & borders to the great lake were she sat sobbing by herself…….
    The enemy found her, They gave her Jam & some sweet goodies it is said that
    she let slip the secret ” Oh he is lazy he is always sleeping, there is no
    great army up the hill, only him, he has great strength in his
    hair………” she knew the one & only way to weaken HARARE. She went back
    to the kingdom. All she had to do was to NOT THINK or PLAN as HARARE would
    know any of plan schemes or thoughts. During attending his hair & her time
    with him she threw potion in his eyes blinding him on spot then CUT the
    root of his hair out weakening all his powers & killing him.(some say she
    did not know he would die). This left her cursed as the evil one in the
    whole nation for no one would ever want to come near her & she developed a
    strong death stench that many could smell her from a distance so everyone
    avoided her she was all alone. 

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    i would love to watch more! i find this fascinating and trying to think of
    ways i could incorporate this into art.

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    have you got a download link?

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