Summer Milkmaid Braided Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

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  1. Ofelia Alfaro says:

    Its super nice…♡♡

  2. Julia Dubitz says:

    We did it!!! <3 <3

  3. kate bautista says:

    Can u plz do crown braid?? :) plzzzz

  4. Ofelia Alfaro says:

    Its super nice…♡♡

  5. KitKatKrafts says:

    What type of flowers are those?

  6. soprismatic says:

    So glad I found this! Zoella recently wore her hair like this in a video
    and I loooved it…I need to go to a wedding tomorrow, and wanted to know
    how to do it. This is the closet tutorial I have found to the look she had.
    Thank you!!!

  7. KitKatKrafts says:

    What type of flowers are those?

  8. Gabbi Millsap says:

    nevermind its a dog

  9. Taz Shk says:

    Ur hair is like silk. Bful. Thanks for the tutorial 

  10. Gabbi Millsap says:

    I didnt realize the cat in the backround until now. He/she is so cute (that
    is a cat right?)

  11. Angela Yue says:

    It is just soo pretty! Love you!

  12. Joanne Tran says:

    can u also use a flower crown over your head to?

  13. elian gonzalez says:

    O easy

  14. hsaadah6 says:

    I literally love you right now. Every single milkmaid braid tutorial on
    utube never explained how to handle the extra ends if your hair is really
    long which mine is, and I just watched this video, and you solved all my
    problems. Thank you sooooo much!!

  15. Tiffany sharp says:

    Its katniss hair

  16. Annis Putri says:

    u look pretty and your dog is really really funny and cute. make me laugh.

  17. Swanquynh1314 says:


  18. Emily Guajardo says:

    cute doggie dog… :-)

  19. michelleluu13 says:

    Your hair is so pretty!!

  20. hippykitty1986 says:

    Actually, i’ve done this, and it’s really really easy. Like, if I can do it
    with all my lack of co-ordination, anyone can do it :P

  21. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Where can I get flower clips like that?

  22. Alma Castaneda says:

    I did this hairstyle because I live in LA and the weather is heating up! It
    was so easy and I loved the way it came out! I love your videos!

  23. grapes0527 says:

    I know right. So amazing!!!!

  24. annamaroon145 says:

    Lol the cute dog! :)

  25. Megan Smith says:

    This looks amazing on my hair :-)

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