Natural Hair | DEFINED Chunky Flat Twist Out

You loved my NO HEAT Bantu Knot Out & Flat Twist Out so as promised a DEFINED CHUNKY FLAT TWIST OUT! 3 Strand Twist Out coming soon. Products as well as where you can find me outside of …
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  1. Samirah Gilli says:

    I had to reupload my video! Please watch and share this video on all of
    your social media sites! Help me get my view back PLEASE!

  2. DemiLoveNailArt says:

    This is beautiful, not sure how I got here I don’t even have Afro hair.

  3. Samirah Gilli says:

    Sorry babes, had to re-upload the video with new music. Had an issue with
    the music I was allowed to use, so just decided to change it completely.
    Please re-like this video and share it! I had to take the other video down
    at 175,000+ views and growing so I’m kind of sad about that. Are you ready
    for my next heatless curls tutorial!?

  4. Angel B says:

    This style is beautiful!!

  5. TheBlurbs D. says:

    LOL I loveeee your personality!!!! You were like “Ok you got that? Now lets
    turn up!” I was like “OOOHHHHkaaaaayyyyy den!!!” lmaooo

  6. Samirah Gilli says:

    Please share this video on your social media platforms or with friends and
    family! I had to delete the original video at 175,000+ views and counting.
    Like this comment so others will see and share the video! Thank you!

  7. headley sappleton says:

    I am a guy so i cant follow this shit seriously. but i want you to know you
    are very pretty…thats how i like black women. i am just tired of that
    weave shit that makes them look like trannies

  8. Roza Busse says:

    Wow your face it’s so cool what r u using? If you don’t mind I’m asking

  9. Obey Bieber says:

    Can this work if you have naturally straight hair ? 

  10. Innerbeauty Barden says:


  11. Shaea Cloud says:

    Natural Hair | DEFINED Chunky Flat Twist Out:
    Her hair is so pretty and that is all her hair u should really watch the
    video hope you like and also comment if you think that is cute and you
    would have ur hair like that!!!

  12. newave ride says:

    Beautiful and shiny hair…. I love it<3 I find that if you grease the
    hair right before you take the hair out, it looks glossy and it also help
    to cut down on frizz. 

  13. shae Daddi says:

    Eyebrows on fleek tho

  14. Glaycier Sutherland says:

    So my hair turned out bothig like it I think it’s because I did it when it
    was wet

  15. Anita George says:

    I just looked you up on IG.. But you only have 46 post noww.. is it still
    you or someone else..

  16. Simran Matharu says:

    adorei ficou lindo o cabelo! e esse tom de louro tbm é lindo!

  18. V. Shireen says:

    Beautiful! If only I could flat twist :( Need to practice more 

  19. Kendal says:

    Your hair is beautiful. Is your hair naturally curly or did you go natural.
    If so how long had you been natural on this video.

  20. Cleann Cam says:

    Love what you’re doing beautiful young sis! Also love that you have
    replied only with positive comments. You ROCK! Keep doing U!

  21. Juliana Deans says:

    Enjoyed the video. Your makeup is on point!

  22. Asia Lawson says:

    Thanks for this video………………….This video taught me how to flat
    twists yayay

  23. COSMEDIS says:

    i would like to share your videos on my channel and Facebook
    But need to translate it – my audience is french –
    I would like to have your approval to translate it so french people can
    Hope I to hear from you soon . Keep up the good work

  24. Khadijatou Diallo says:

    I know this q is dumb but the colours of ur hair is black and what???

  25. Yennette Anderson says:

    I don’t know how to flat twist yet. I have tried it and I dint have the
    touch yet. But your hair is really beautiful. Love your style!

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