Momma’s Long Black Hair by Anthony Bennett.wmv

A little about the singer: Anthony Bennett Born in St. Paul’s,In A Little town in Gros Morne Park, on the west Coast Of Newfoundland. He played in a band “Im…

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  1. Keough709 says:

    Wicked – haven’t been able to find this song anywhere other than people
    singin it back home!

  2. Myles Bennett says:

    Thanks for the comment. I Have another song on here by Anthony Bennett, “Be
    Proud Your A Newfie” Written By one of Newfoundlands best Song Writers Roy

  3. Carolyn Byrne says:

    awesome job Myles ,, love it

  4. TarasiRaikou says:

    sorry mom for all of the trouble that i put you thrue!!!!!

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