1. manasi mertia says:


  2. Jason V Cochran says:

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  3. womenhaircut says:

    Where do you stay?? Sweta

  4. Sweta Singh says:

    i want to get a buzz cut.wud u do for me>

  5. womenhaircut says:

    where do you stay Madhu ?

  6. chacobar sandy says:

    hai shalmali i am a good hair cut and sty;er in look s beauty parlour i can give a hair cut for u like the same call me at 8143177318

  7. hairfetish234 says:

    hey why there are no updates in recent days???

  8. madhu swathi says:

    i also want this same cut ,will you please sent me the name and the place  of salon

  9. Cancerian48 says:

    I would love to give you a nice new hairstyle. Where do you live?

  10. arunkumar kumar says:

    i wii do it u

  11. womenhaircut says:

    I can do it for you where do you stay….I am Andheri based Hair stylist

  12. womenhaircut says:

    where do you stay ?

  13. hairdude09 says:

    i went to get this haircut. you can take a screenshot and show it to the hairdresser like i did or you can just tell them very layered starting from 3 inch length. i got this haircut a while back and it was great :D

  14. shalmali408 says:

    i want this same haircut….. anyone there can do it for me?????????

  15. hairdude09 says:

    actually its not that bad! I liked it but he could have left it abit thicker. I got that haircut!

  16. Brooke Thorpe says:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyy would you do that?

  17. hairdude09 says:

    Awsome haircut I like this haircut very much (: nicely layered. What’s the description that i need to tell my hairdresser if i want to get the same haircut/? (:

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