How To Do Tree Braids Yourself on Black Women Hair Supplies Tutorial Part 1

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  1. GIGirl04 says:

    I had this style done and while it was cute, it shedded alot, and I found
    that I had to keep blow drying it a few times throughout the week. 

  2. Alisa Mendenhall says:

    How many packs do I need for this style

  3. Ebbonie Hicks says:

    I appreciate all your help thanks to you.
    Can u do my hair for me Plz contact me.???

  4. Alisa Mendenhall says:

    How many packs do I need for this style

  5. sandra v says:

    Nice and professional tutorial. I have to try this sometime

  6. shanika washington says:

    This is a great tutorial. I’d love to see you do a tutorial on how to do
    individual tree braids with both kanekalon hair and maybe curly hair? 

  7. MilkandHoney101 says:

    Do you cut the bags of hair into?

  8. Breanna Rutter says:
  9. Faith Mary says:

    Thanks for the breakdown of tree braid. Definitely going to do this instead
    of individual braids. Thank you again

  10. Oscherica Jackson says:

    yo oscherica you should totally gets braids again because you would look so
    hip girl.

  11. Shea Foss says:

    I want tree braids now. 

  12. S Dunn says:

    You said you need 5 packs of hair but in the description box you say 4. I
    ordered 4 bags and they came today so I should be good

  13. Tamieka Pulliam says:
  14. Lori GlamUBeauty says:

    Your vids so helpful

  15. Priceless says:

    Great alternative for black women instead of using weaves !

  16. Mia Brady says:

    Thank god!

  17. Siobhan Kelly says:

    Are you going to a tutorial on how to do the tree braids using the other
    technique ? 

  18. shays southern style says:

    Thanks, I been waiting, lol.

  19. Tykira says:

    Ooo gurl!!!! You workin’ it! :D 

  20. Tamieka Pulliam says:

    What brand or kind of hair did you use to do your tree braids? I cant find
    a good kind that doesn’t keep tangling or getting nappy. 

  21. Priceless says:

    Your videos are so instructive ! I really like them :) 

  22. S Dunn says:

    So pretty, professional and talented. You can braid

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