How To Detangle Natural Curly Black Hair | Natural Hair

READ ME!! WATCH IN HD* In this video, I show you how I use my all natural, and DIY detangler to quickly and effectively detangle my natural hair. The link t…

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  1. DrRisk01 says:

    @Alexandra HairBeautyLife LOL!

  2. created2worshipGOD says:

    Oops forgot – My BIGGEST obstacle with my natural hair is detangling: as
    its so time consuming, although necessary. I’m still learning how to be
    gentle and take my time with my hair.

  3. Alexandra HairBeautyLife says:

    My hair tangled up during my last wash, not pleased at all…… I’m

  4. DiscoveringNatural says:

    Your hair looks really healthy. You are doing a great job on your hair!!

  5. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Haha lol… I need to stop doing that lol :) I’m glad that you enjoyed it!
    How do you prefer to detangle your hair?

  6. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Thank you so much! I detangle with coconut oil when I need to freshen up my
    look as well, I consider it to be more of a dry detangler for me. TWINSIES
    lol :)

  7. Bemo Y says:

    lol at your gum chewing and detangling faces haha…nice video!

  8. created2worshipGOD says:

    I found a few articles and blogs (i.e. The Natural Haven Bloom, Kimmaytube)
    that researched and found that baking does is dangerous for our hair. It
    dramatically change the pH from a more or less neutral state to quite
    alkaline. The high pH is known to affect the cuticle, causing lifting. I
    only clarify with Apple Cider Vinegar and water. I have less shed hair now.

  9. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Hmm… I’ll definately look more into this! Thank you for the heads up! I
    love ACV internally and externally.

  10. M.A.S Coils says:

    I was just about to comment about that lmbo!

  11. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Very nice! Your hair has grown and it’s thick. Great detangling video! I
    thumb up :D

  12. M.A.S Coils says:

    Oh and I detangle while I’m dc to cut time since I’m already slow lol :-)

  13. NaturallyNerdful says:

    My sister does that as well! Her video for that will be up on Monday

  14. purtoy2009 says:

    Nice vid:))) Your hair looks so healthy

  15. M.A.S Coils says:

    It’s ok to be hungry! lol I understand

  16. Valerie Granville says:

    thanks for sharing

  17. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Awwww thanks love!! I appreciate the love and support :D

  18. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Hello! I shall definitely do that! Thank you for the suggestion. The way I
    keep my twistouts for a long period of time is a combination of re-twisting
    and pineappling. I can EASILY keep a twistout going 7 days with just
    pineappleing alone. Usually on the 8th day I wash my hair and redo it,
    however, this particular time, I was LAZY, and just pineappled my hair for
    3 weeks. I highly wouldn’t recommend doing this though as it takes longer
    to detangle as it did for me in this video :(

  19. Bemo Y says:

    finger detangling after washing and deep conditioning my hair in twists :)

  20. NaturallyNerdful says:

    Thanks! I’ve been getting that alot. I honestly don’t see it yet though. I
    think after I do a protein treatment, I’ll see it and go, “Hey! You’re hair
    looks good!” lol :) I’m glad you liked the video :) How do you detangle
    your hair prior to washing?

  21. NaturallyNerdful says:

    You’re not bald lol Try this out! I think it will help tonnes!

  22. NaturallyNerdful says:

    YOU KNOW! I seriouslly CANNOT STAND detangling my hair now! I have no idea
    what I’m going to do once I reach my goal next year!

  23. supynorr says:

    I made the liquid black soap – AMAZING STUFF – thanks for sharing!

  24. NaturallyNerdful says:

    LOL guys!! I need to stop eating while doing videos!! UGH!

  25. purtoy2009 says:

    I use an oil and finger detangle, then follow up with a wide tooth comb in
    sections, add my deep conditioner for 20 min, then wash with shampoo or

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