How to Attach a Half Wig | Black Hairstyles

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  1. Danielle Smith says:

    That is not a proper tutorial. That’s a definite way for hair breakage. I
    cringed when she teased the hair and just put it up like that. Not for
    black girls. Thanks for trying though. 

  2. Chandell Beaver says:

    Black people don’t even need to tease their hair for a half wig to stay on
    their head..and the hair spray was added just to break off the hair she has
    left after the teasing.

  3. crazymusicgrl says:

    that model has very “soft” silky hair, most black women dont have that so
    even when we straighten out hair we dont need to backcomb. + backcombing is
    very very bad for anyones hair.

  4. Plussizfashionista says:

    Why on earth are you demonstrating this for black hair styles? This is a
    technique that is not meant for us unless you want your clients hair to
    fall out. Please tell me what salon you are at and also the city so I never
    come there. Smh

  5. Germaine Miller says:

    “Back combing” hairspray….then how she twisted the hair underneath the
    wig??? can you say breakage?!!!!! horrible tutorial

  6. keisha1030sd says:

    Omg the teasing made me cringe. Then the hairspray on top.

  7. Kelsey Stoudmire says:

    How is this a black hairstyle? First you get a soman witg “fine, soft hair”
    which isnt very typical on black women, then you start teasing it? Which
    everyone knows is sooo damaging! Please, no one follow this “tutorial”

  8. Carolyn Divine says:

    Doesn’t the back combing damage the hair?

  9. MarleneWowww says:

    4th :I

  10. ROFiiX oo says:

    not bad (y)

  11. Angelovesn says:

    i thought back combing was the same as teasing..

  12. mystiqueboutique says:


  13. Sophia Marielle Mendoza says:

    Is it good for short hair

  14. MrRbfm says:


  15. CakeFladudle says:

    who the fuck cares

  16. lvngnzen says:

    Better to make a semi-loose horizontal French braid to stick the comb in
    than teasing. The teasing is damaging as well as unsecure. The wig will def
    start to slip back as the night progresses or pull off if there was some
    type of accident (get caught on something).

  17. Sammi Star says:


  18. wong ton says:

    What’s the name of that wig? I have thin hair also and it’s hard finding a
    wig to blend properly.

  19. DyamondEyezz says:

    1st the shades are off. the wigs a number 4 her hair is a number 2 then all
    that teasing is unnecessary as a white girl with thin hair baby thin hair,
    I don’t tease to wear mine bc it’s damaging.

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