How Long Does It Take To Grow Long Hair? “How To Grow Long Hair For Black Women”

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  1. Kameron Anderson says:

    Are individuals healthy for my hair?

  2. Bethan Dadson says:

    does anyone know his she achieved the fluffy hair look like on the
    thumbnail of this video?

  3. sidney berry says:

    My hair grows 3 inches a month so I’m not sure I thought hair grew 2 to 3
    inches each month 

  4. Skeeter Ashman says:

    Thanks for that great information. I have always wanted to know how many
    inches you grow each month and thanks for confirming that stylists really
    don’t always know what they are talking about when it comes to trimming
    your hair every 6-8 weeks. 

  5. Pauline Thompson says:

    Hi Breanna, love listening to you on you tube. Just some advice i need as i
    am in the process of purchasing a portable hooded dryer. But i am not sure
    of what wattage i should go for. I am black british with afro natural hair.
    Please advise

  6. Eien Loved says:

    What if I put my hair in like Extensions? Will that grow it?

  7. chickitie34 says:

    collar bone length is 12″? I thought 12 inches is APL

  8. Yolonda Johnson says:

    I am 42 and I have been following several women on youtube, reading great
    books, studying and I even started a healthy hair journey. I am just
    wondering what kind of information might be out there for women over 40? 

  9. sadefashion babe says:

    My hair grows 7 inches evry 3 months

  10. Stellavxx says:

    You look like the singer Brandy

  11. Candi Marshall says:

    Please help me to grow my hair back cause, I really do miss it BAD…

  12. ChelleMentu says:

    I’ve got quite long hair already and I’m quite young it’s nearly at my
    waist but I want it longer kinda up tp my waist 

  13. Andrea Yeahh says:

    You look like nicki minaj haha, great video tho.

  14. Candi Marshall says:

    Great information sign me up for your offers cause, I really do want to
    grow my hair back down to the middle of my back. I let this guy in GA, cut
    my hair about seven years ago and it hasn’t grew back yet.

  15. Kate Jules says:

    How long does it take to grow hair up to Ur Cheek bone

  16. Arekushia senpai says:

    my hair is African black hair but it has relaxed ends how do i know if it
    is growing?

  17. Lyntrice Bates says:

    I love the way you encourage us. Very helpful.

  18. lolitabw says:

    You should be called the Goddess of Hair!! Very informative. 

  19. Kharli Chanel says:

    I dont have a healthy care regimen i barely wash my hair and it grows long
    and i never trim my hair. is that just genetics? because my hair has always
    been long since i was a child

  20. anointed2wait says:

    People define long hair diff ways. Some BW think anything past the
    shoulders or collarbone is long but my hair was always at least SL. Before
    I BC’ed last year, I had relaxed BSL hair but at the time did not think of
    it as long. Now obviously since my BC (it was short), I’d view BSL diff.
    Also, I didn’t really care for my hair at all back then–it still grew due
    to low manipulation. Some folks hair only grows 1/4 in. per month and
    others grows 1 inch a month…its somewhat genetics/health related.

  21. Remi edwards says:

    I like your shirt

  22. sidney berry says:

    I see the most ignorant comments on here people are so ignorant read some
    books about life and hair please people 

  23. sakem solange says:

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