Dad Does Kid’s Hair: Camel Hump & Ballerina Bun

AddMyHair visits Xtreme Styles in Powder Springs, Georgia. At AddMyHair, we love Truth and Dare. This time AddMyHair dares the fathers’ to hair style their d…

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  1. GeeGee Star says:

    That is so mess up clearly she has damage hair. So why they did that to her

  2. lulu_bee says:

    Wow I thought this was a cute video..good father. Not a lot of dads would
    do that.

  3. E.D. Carr says:

    Hey Dad, no more relaxer’s okay? She needs a good trim, deep
    conditioner and braids for a while. Also, I’m sure that bun was gone within
    that hour. 

  4. Taylor Jackson says:

    What a good dad!!! I applaud his effort! I’m a mom and I’m married. Video
    was very cute!

  5. Renee Washington says:

    Please stop relaxing little kids hair

  6. Inspiredbymysistahs says:

    So why is this babies hair damaged….cut that ish off and grow her hair
    healthy…take her to a professional and get her a consultation…it’s no
    sense in continuing to embarrass that baby…broke off hair

  7. Ahriana Cates says:

    Wow she need hair 

  8. B. 隋 says:

    I mean, it’s cute that her dad’s doing her hair, but the result is quite

  9. Liz Langston says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels

  10. Keisha Shante says:

    Dear lord please pray for this baby girls hair .

  11. Najayla Thomason says:

    That’s NOT her husband d.a!

  12. lilyann flowers says:

    She is soo pretty!!

  13. Brelyn Nicole says:

    She’s pretty young. I’m sure cutting off all of her damaged hair to “start
    over” would be a really difficult thing to do. She’s probably in middle
    school or maybe still in elementary. Being a little black girl in society
    is hard enough but for her to have to cut all of her hair off.. I feel like
    there are a few young girls out there who have the confidence and the means
    to do that, but starting over is really for women… Who will take care of
    her natural hair? If her relaxed hair couldn’t be kept up, how would they
    take care of her natural hair? 

  14. Melanie Santana says:

    I think this is a very sweet gesture. But the father should learn how to
    get her hair healthy, and keeping it that way, because that poor little
    girl has breakage. Just let it growww in whatever form, just let it grow

  15. Renee Washington says:

    Her hair is soo bad

  16. Danielle Aria says:

    Just cut the damaged hair off and start over.

  17. annieluvsu94 says:

    they should of picked a different hairstyle

  18. crystal ritchie says:

    They should cut her hair off and allow it to grow back natural with curls.
    It will grow fast. She is young

  19. Tyra Sprewell says:

    The struggle smh…why are they doing this

  20. thebeautywithcici says:

    what in the world , all of her could not cover the sock. how dare they put
    her on the internet like that. this is a shame it really is her hair is so
    damaged it they need to cut it and take of her natural texture , take her
    to the shop don’t even try to do it yourself lol the girl is beautiful and
    she doesn’t deserve that breakage and stuff. 

  21. diana lewis says:

    I’m suprised that you got the bun on and that there none of the bun showing
    But you hair is damaged 

  22. Wendy Alston says:

    When he asks “how long will the style stay?” I died

  23. shevy bynoe says:

    oh shes not gonna be happy a few years from now watching bk this

  24. LovelyLiahK❤ says:

    Okay . first of all ….. WHY DID THEY TRY TO DO THAT STYLE ON THAT BABY
    PLACE ! SMH … WOW 

  25. Kiana Jewell says:

    Dang y’all are all so scissor happy! No her hair is not the healthiest, but
    they don’t need to chop it all off, jeez. Just let her natural hair grow
    out with braids or other protective styles, and gradually trim the ends.
    She’s a little girl, of course she doesn’t want to have all of her hair
    chopped off at once. 

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