Black Women With Natural Hairstyles . . . . click on the link to order natural hair Products and start your Natural hair Journey. black wo…
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  1. Khayashopping says:

    #KayaGlamour Black Women Natural Hair Styles…..

  2. BrainBodyBooty says:

    I love natural hair! And I am proud to be African! :)

  3. StarDust Official says:

    the song is NDIZE BY ZAHARA < - South Africa’s Female Artist Of The Year.. :D i have her album “Loliwe”.. :D She is amazing..

  4. idontbake says:

    I love those hair styles Thanks for posting them.

  5. elsisaac1 says:

    I have locs, I find it hard to maintain my God given fro.

  6. SHARON CARTER says:

    Black women NH Rocks!!!!

  7. Braids DreadlocksInc says:

    Happy Natural Hair Journey!

  8. JJoh4040 says:


  9. lat0nyacatrice says:

    Okay…see it now! :)

  10. Lydia Dibissa says:

    @naks46xx true but i wish i had a straight hair…

  11. mrshaircrazy says:

    Great watch mine

  12. 33remc says:

    Seeing lil Mama in still 1:07 is my air. and India 2:06 my soil. AYAYEN EWE
    i miss U. My Psalms rest upon yr heart. MOJA MUNGU. . .

  13. soofreshxx says:

    south african singer named Zahara, name of song is NDIZA

  14. Braids DreadlocksInc says:

    just keep on moving forward…. and smile!

  15. Naturalhair53 says:

    I am 53 yrs. young and enjoying my new natural freedom. I am loving all of
    these styles. Be Blessed

  16. Margaloable says:

    I love this song :) The Vocal and instrument is perfect

  17. BRandall82 says:

    Beautiful styles

  18. miss dee says:

    :54 beauty of a goddess!

  19. RandomLinda14 says:

    I loved this video! All of those women are beautiful. I’ve been natural
    since 2010 and my hair is so curls too but I can’t hate when it resembles
    an afro. I am so self conscious about it so I always keep my hair paper
    thin straight. I only use a curling iron for curls. I don’t think I can
    ever go completely natural until my hair is more than just 13 inches.

  20. rikka1287 says:

    I hate when people say that natural hair isn’t for everybody and im
    like…if the hot comb, flat iron, or relaxer did exist this is how you
    would look…and you are telling me people are only beautiful unless their
    hair is straight. Its crazy the mentality some people carry about hair…as
    if it can make or break you

  21. jan3beauty says:

    Love that song,love the video

  22. MizzyPrizzy5 says:

    what is that lovely song?!

  23. Christelle Celestin says:

    Great video. What’s the name of the singer?

  24. Braids DreadlocksInc says:

    Black women hair is so Beautiful….. so thank GOD and be happy!

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